We are back with the latest written update of the most awaited and fans favorite serial which is running for more than six-year and even then, the watchers love to watch this amazing serial. Yes, we are talking about Kumkum Bhagya that has captured a lot of attention from the audience in the last few months.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2021

As we know that the show contains the love story of Pragya and Abhi but because of their misunderstandings, they have separated and lived their own life. Later, destiny comes with a new turn and they meet again. You already know that what is going on in the show and we daily update you with the latest written episode.

Again, we are going to tell you the latest update of the episode and today’s episode will start when Prachi makes tea for Pallavi and Dida and when Pallavi comes to them, Dida asks her to have a tea but Pallavi denies it because she has acidity and can’t have a tea.

Suddenly, Rhea plans to impress her and asks her to take some biscuits before drinking tea. But Prachi says that it will not affect her or asks Pallavi to take ginger and lemon juice mix so, it will feel comfortable. Prachi goes to make this and Rhea gets jealous again.

Rhea thinks that Prachi is humiliating her again and she can’t tolerate it. Rhea thinks that she makes me jealous every time and even, can’t support me. Later, Dida asks Pallavi to give all the responsibility for the preparation of Janmashtami and after a few minutes, Pallavi agrees and on the other side, Rhea listens to everything.

She comes to her room and plans to destroy Prachi’s decoration and everything. She thinks of a plan and says that she will go to her room and destroy everything relates to preparations and without appearing in front of anyone, she will come back.

When she goes to her room, she finds that Ranbir is bathing and he seems that Prachi is outside the bathroom and asks for a towel. But Rhea feels her love for him and remembers her past. When Ranbir takes his hand outside to the gate, and Rhea gives her a towel but accidentally, their hands touches and Rhea runs from there even, she is about to collide with Prachi and rush towards her room and locks herself.

Rhea thinks that Prachi always makes her jealous and even, she felt me wrong much time. She snatched Ranbir from her but now, she will bring her love back into her life.

Rhea decides to bring Ranbir back into her life and she can do anything for this. On the other side, Prachi goes to the window side and tries to open the window but it is locked and Prachi says that after a very long time, I saw a real Rhea. On the other side, you will get to see that lawyer will make documents as per Abhi and Pragya’s contract and he tells his terms & condition to the lawyer so, he can write in it. The Episode Ends.


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