In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see that Prachi and Ranbir will catch Sid and Rhea in a mandap before that Rhea and Sid wear the attire of bride and groom to save themselves from police and peddlers because Jenny and Jack are founding them and trying to get back their drugs that were put by jenny in the pocket of Sid. While the police are trying to find out Sid and Rhea and they both even don’t know each other but the situation takes an unconditional turn and they set in the mandap to protect themselves from the police and Jack and Jenny. We saw that police found Jack and Jenny there and caught them without any disturbance in the wedding.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2021

At the moment, suddenly, a fan goes ON and due to the wind, a ghunghat of Rhea moved and everyone knew the truth. But the real bride and groom came there and told everything to them. On the other side, Sushma look at Abhi on the road and got worried about him. She asks her driver to stop her car and reach Abhi. There, She asks him not to do formality. Abhi says something about the Poor and loves but Sushma talks with him about his past that what have he done.

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Abhi says sorry to her but Sushma says that what you think about this and you think that you will be forgiven for it. Abhi says that should I give my life and Sushma says that you can’t do this. Sushma says that stay away from her daughter as well and Abhi replies no one can separate us. Sushma replies that Pragya is not happy with you and asks him how can he see her moving from his life. Suddenly, Abhi replies that he can not see her alone and wants to stay with him.

On the other side, where the wedding of Rhea and Sid is going on, Pandit Ji asks Sid to fill the hairline of the bride. While Prachi and Ranbir are still searching for Sid. Photographer asks them to remove their ghunghat and sehra to take a picture. Sid fills a hairline by Sindoor of Rhea. Suddenly, the real bride and groom visit the mandap and Pandit Ji announces that the wedding has been completed.

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The side lady asks where were you and whose marriage has done here. Suddenly, a playing boy on the fan switch and Rhea’s veil move from her face. At the same moment, Prachi sees her face and Ranbir looks at Sid and they are both shocked after seeing them in the same mandap.

Now, the upcoming story of Kumkum Bhagya will be too interesting where the new journey of Rhea and Sid will start but before that what will happen when Prachi and Ranbir found them in this condition. Maybe, the serial is going to be more interesting and if you want to know more updates of the series. Keep updated with us.


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