Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler June 6th 2022 Latest Written Update: Today, we bring you the written update regarding the latest episode that will be airing on June 6, 2022. We will talk about what has happened and what is going to happen using the latest promotional videos that are available. What do you expect would happen? Share your thoughts with us.

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Now, let’s move on to the latest written update of the series “Kumkum Bhagya”. But before that let’s also take a look at what has transpired lately? From the recent episodes, we got to see that there was an amazing twist that occurred. We got to see that Ranbir was planning on giving divorce to Rhea and wanted to get back together with Prachi and live happily. There were two sides that we got to see. The first was Ranbir’s mother who was in support of Rhea and did not want Ranbir to divorce her. The other side supports Ranbir’s decision and wants Ranbir to be happy with Prachi. Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler June 6th 2022 Latest Written Update:

Now, it’s finally time to move on to the latest episode. Rhea asks Ranbir about the ring. He wants to talk to her about the divorce. Rhea then goes first and asks about her ring size and he responds “12”. She feels happy knowing that he knows her ring size as she was thinking that the ring was for her. She left smiling and Ranbir thought, “Why is she smiling? It’s a common size for girls”.

Alia tells Ranbir that she knows the reason behind his happiness and is planning a surprise for someone special. But she misunderstands the person who is special. Ranbir then asks her if she actually knew and asks her to tell him about his surprise plan. She then goes on and tells him the hospital’s secret. Alia says that she feels happy and that who stays with him mattered to her.

Ranbir then goes on to meet Stanley and takes the divorce papers from him. Pallavi asks Stanley to join them at their party. Stanley then praises his family for being so hospitable and that all of them are very nice to which Ranbir agrees. Stanley also tells him that Rhea may not agree to the divorce and Ranbir says that it’s better to end a relationship without love.

The scene then moves on to Rhea and Ranbir. He tells her that he loves Prachi. Rhea then says that why is he talking about Prachi to her. He then finally tells her that he wants a divorce, which shocks Rhea. Rhea replies that she won’t do it. She gets mad at him and shouts that there’s nothing else to listen. Rhea tells everyone about what he said and Ranbir accepts what she says. Ranbir states that the reason for them to end it is that it was a forced marriage and it was getting toxic. She blames Prachi for everything and accuses her of plotting against her. She pushes Prachi and just as when she was about to fall Ranbir holds her dramatically.

Pallavi says that Prachi is not a part of their family but Rhea is. Just as he says that Prachi is the only one that matters, he also reveals that Prachi is pregnant with his baby. Ranbir says that he will fight for his family and just at that moment Rhea says, “You will fight when there will be a family left to protect”, and stabs Prachi.

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