One of the most popular Television shows of Zee TV named Kumkum Bhagya is occupying the hearts of its audience as the episodes are going up. Today in this article you will get to know about your favorite television daily soap so be in this article if you want to know something more about this family drama. As you all know that in this show many of the stuff is going on and we have seen in the last episode that how Abhi and Ranabir revealed the harsh reality of Sanju, though Sanju made a clown of the police and just ran away from the spot. Abhi Nabbed Sanju’s Phone that was working as the mastermind of the plan, everyone started to have ambiguity on a woman behind the plan after listening to the voice recording.

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In the next episode, we will watch how everyone reaches jail in the search of Abhi & Ranbir. Ranbir seems happy that Finally, Prachi is going to be free and independent, but Riya and Aliya are in fear. Both of them are scared that their plan would not be revealed. Aliya visits the jail and Abhi asks her that about which plan had she told him because he and Ranbir already know about this. Aliya tries to find out the solution, she tries to affirm Sanju’s mobile that is in police confinement. Now the deal of excitement and suspense is that will Aliya succeed to get Sanju’s Mobile or not.

Because Sanju’s phone is under the prevalence of police because Police seized his mobile as evidence so there is not a single chance that she will get the mobile as easy as it sounds because getting something and that too when the stuff is under this kind of security, as we have told that Sanju has made fool of police and has run away but the plan and the mastermind behind this plan every detail is in his mobile and to know about the mastermind whose voice is sounding like a woman’s sound she will have to get his mobile, stealing that is not an easy deal.

Abhi & Ranbir are extremely happy while Pallavi asks Prachi to forgive her. Aliya who is trying everything to solve her problems she also tries to solve her all problems one by one and starts manipulating her lawyer. She tells him to take Abhi to the office, then Pragya comes, and finally, she forgives Prachi’s boss for the trial that took against her, and she also gives permission to Prachi to work. Meanwhile, aliya conveniences Rhea to grab everyone’s attention. Here is something special that you should know about, that Aliya slips in the police station and replace Sanju’s mobile with another one. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates from the entertainment industry…


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