The “Kumkum Bhagya” serial today episode begins with Vikaram calls the Abhi that where he is? Everyone is missing you here. Abhi said that you give the handkerchief and said now start crying. He said that do not invite me to marriage. Vikaram said yes. Dushyant took the mobile and call the Vikaram and said to him to come here. Abhi said that if he will go there then a storm will come here definitely. He said that tells him that Abhishek Mehra is coming there. Vikaram said him to across the fingers. Shri Chaubhay asking him why he is saying that. Dushyant said this is all about the rich peoples.

kumkum bhagya1

Sahana asking Rahul who is the in-charge of this dance group and he tells that the boss gives them the 21,000 Rs for their dance performance. Rahul gets happy and said that I am the in-charge of this dance group. Sahana said to him to go from here and take the money. Rahul thinks that just wear this cloth he got the 21,000 rs and then thinks that he wear this dress in every marriage. Satan calls the Prachi that she is sending the Rahul there and said to Aryan to give the tip.

Aryan tells her that what he will give. Sarita behen tells that you are the brother of Ranvir. Then Sarita behen sai we need to invite the Ranvir here. Prachi said that he will accept the Maya. Sahana said that she will take the Ranvir there with herself. Prachi says that she will hide somewhere because Rahul knows her face. Aryan said that Rahul knows that He and Ranvir don’t want that this marriage will happen. Prachi said to make an excuse to agreed with this marriage. Aryan said that alright and then suddenly someone comes outside the door.

Pallavi said to the Biji to perform the dance on this dhol sound. Biji starts scolding her. Rahul again tells to Biji to dance with him. Pallavi said to the Biji that Maya will not let her taunting her. Ranvir said her to be happy because she already got so many problems in her whole life. Sahana winks her eyes and shows the sign to the Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey and Ranvir see them. Sahana said that Ranvir is his friend. Ranvir said that he doesn’t know him. Sahan said to him to see him carefully. He gets happy and hugs her to say her Moti as a nickname from his side. For more written updates stay tuned with us and keep watching “Kumkum Bhagya” on ZeeTv.


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