We are back with the latest written update of one of the most popular and awaited serials, Kumkum Bhagya which is currently providing you with some exciting episodes and everyone is loving to watch each episode. The serial has been running for the last few years. Currently, the serial is running the life matter of Prachi, Ranbir, Rhea, and Pallavi.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2021

As we have seen in the previous episodes that Pallavi have faced lots of problem in her house and now, she is caring her mistakes and wants to make some delicious food for the guests. She wants to impress Pallavi and wants her love. Now, let’s see what will happen in the upcoming episode because the recent story is capturing the attention of lots of people.

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Now, the upcoming episode will start with Pallavi will ask Rhea and Prachi to cook Chole and Bhathure for the guest. Pallavi says that Prachi had already put chickpeas in the water at the correct time. Pallavi decided to share the kitchen and Prachi gets a spare kitchen and on the other side, Rhea gets the main kitchen. Teji comes to Prachi and taunts her.

She says that the guest only wants the best Chole Bhature. Dida asks Rhea that does she know cooking? because before two years, you didn’t know that how to make tea. Rhea says that I know cooking and in the last two years, I have learned this. Rhea says she will make it.

On the other side, Abhi wonders in the market and drinks alcohol. He kicks something and the passer says that if I were hurt. Abhi drinks more and kicks again. Rhea comes to the kitchen and her cooking helper comes to her but she says that she will handle everything alone.

The helper says that but Pallavi ma’am ordered me to help you but still, Rhea says that she likes to work alone and will handle this. She asks him to leave. She goes from there.

On the other side, Prachi calls Soni to bring some tomato and Soni says that she can’t help her because Pallavi ma’am said. Prachi says I can understand and Soni goes from there. Rhea thinks that Prachi is planning to defeat her.

Rhea says that she can’t beat her and on the other side, Prachi thinks something else and she feels good for her. Prachi remembers her Pragya and Abhi. Rhea thinks that Prachi has snatched everything from her life including her father, and mother.

Prachi goes to Rhea for asks for some spice and finds that she is not here. On the other side, Sushma tries to escape from Gaurav’s net. She thinks of a plan to defeat Gaurav. She goes to Pragya’s room to meet her and maybe, Sushma tells about Tanu’s plan. Pragya denies accepting Tanu’s proposal and she says that she will have to bring back Abhi in her life. Now, let’s see what will happen in the upcoming episode. Tell us in the comment box.


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