Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya and those who haven’t watched the last episode so, maybe, they should watch it before keeping their eyes on the upcoming episode that will be aired tonight on ZeeTV. Many fans are waiting to watch the next episode. Now, the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Sahaha who is still thinking about Rhea’s incident. Sahana gets doubt about Rhea and says that she is planning something evil against Prachi but how can she prove it?

kumkum bhagya

Another side, Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and tries to argue with her but Prachi says that mom asked her not to fight with anyone and because of this, she is silent and doesn’t want any fight now. Prachi tone her by saying that she loves to become an illegal wife rather than a sister of her. Rhea says that if she wants to say anything so, she can say it clearly. Prachi says that she knows everything and she is behind all of these incidents. Prachi says that she blamed her. Rhea says that she doesn’t care about her. Rhea says that she just wants Ranbir or nothing else.

She goes from there and Rhea leaves her. Sahana says that it is strange that she left her alone without saying anything. Sahana and Prachi talk to each other and Sahana say that something big is about to take place. Pallavi goes inside the Ranbir’s room and Sahana says that maybe, they are planning something illegal. Prachi comes inside Ranbir’s room and says that she is going to make something for Ranbir so, his wounds will heal soon. Pallavi says that Prachi can’t win him.

Pallavi says to Rhea that she doesn’t need to worry about this. On the other side, Vikram and Dida go back to the house and talk about Prachi and Ranbir. Dida says that Prachi can’t do this with Ranbir and Rhea and something wrong is there. Vikram says that Rhea can’t do this and she is not involved in this. Another side, Ranbir wakes up and asks for Prachi. Pallavi and Rhea lie to him that she is sleeping in her room. Ranbir says maybe, she must be tired.

Sahana asks Prachi to take care of herself but Prachi says that she needs to take a rest. Sahana says that no one asks her why did she do this? Sahana says that they are planning something big against her. Prachi says that she is strong and if something wrong will happen, she will do it. Another side, Aliya asks Rhea not to smile like this as everyone will doubt at her. Rhea says that the relationship of Prachi and Ranbir will break soon. They are mistaken. Rhea says that within seven days, Prachi will go out of the house. The Episode Ends.


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