The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that how Pragya and Abhi will play competition of dot board and they both get ready to play the match and they have promised each other that if he/she will win so, the rival one will have to follow his/her all rules for the next 24 hours. Because of this, Abhi plays his first dot and it goes in the hole and Sushma says Saand Ki Aankh means Bulls Eyes.

Kumkum Bhagya, 9th October 2021

Pragya says to him that it was just a chance and let her show him what is the real game. She sees a hole and throws her dot and suddenly, the dot goes in the hole and everyone gets happy.

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Abhi says that how can she do that and suddenly, Tai Ji and Mitali come there and asks what’s going on there. Sushma tells them that there is a competition going on between Pragya and Abhi. She says that without an audience, how can they play a such game and maybe, Abhi wants someone who can do cheer for him. Mitali and Tai Ji do cheers for Abhi and Abhi again throw dot and fall down.

Pragya made his fun and Shagun comes there and says that Maám you have to do an important call and Pragya says not right now, as an important match is going on. Shagun and another servant say that the boss of the house will win this match.

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Later, Tai Ji and Mitali tell everything to Tanu and Aliya, and they get shocked after hearing this. Abhi, Mitali, and Tai Ji go from there. On the other side, Tanu gets furious and says that they came here to make her fall down. Aliya says don’t worry tomorrow, Pragya will get a shock after meeting someone in the office. Tanu asks about the person but Aliya says that she will get to know him tomorrow. They make another plan for Pragya and says that Pragya will get two bad news.

On the other side, Pallavi gets a call from Rajeshwari Ji and she chooses Pallavi as the chairperson of the foundation and because of this, she is coming to meet Pallavi on tea. Dida celebrates with Pallavi. On the other side, Pragya gets tensed after knowing that how can he play a dot board exactly. Sushma sees her and made her understand by saying that you can win but you won Abhi’s heart.

Pragya gets furious because of Abhi as he is going to give order to Pragya and suddenly, Abhi comes to her and Sushma. Abhi asks her to sleep as she can play one more match. Pragya says that she is going to sleep. Abhi and Sushma talk to each other and Abhi say that when Sushma Ji will slap her so, call him.

Suddenly, Pragya comes in a white gown and goes to bed to sleep. Abhi says that I won the game so, because of this, she will have to follow all the things to him. Suddenly, Abhi reminds alcohol as he did not celebrate today. Pragya says that if he will wake up so, she will cover the bed and will not let him get up. In the morning, Abhi and Pragya go to the office and Abi says to her that there is no competition.

They see Aliya coming out from the Gautam’s cabin and they ask her. Aliya remembers that she will have to become a partner in the business. But, Aliya doesn’t tell them that what is going on? The Episode Ends.


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