Kumkum Bhagya, the latest episode of the show begins with Rhea who is just thinking about her allegation which was made by Pallavi and Vikram. Rhea says that Prachi just played a game and made her face black. Aliya asks her to calm down but she gets angrier and shouts at Aliya. Rhea says that she can’t handle her frustration and this time, she crossed her limit in front of all. Rhea shouts that everyone follows the truth and she was also saying the truth but unfortunately, every game was won by Prachi.

kumkum bhagya

Along with this, she says that NGO ladies and the doctor was involved in this matter but at the last time, the Doctor changed her mind, and what about the reports. Rhea asks about the reports and doubts at Aliya that she is with Prachi. Aliya says that nothing like that. Rhea says that everyone is with Prachi and helping her. Rhea makes allegations on Rhea and says that either she can’t do or doesn’t want to do this. Aliya tries to make her understand but she doesn’t want to. Even, Ranbir helped Prachi when I pushed her, says Rhea.

She thinks that now, she will have to face more insults at the morning. Everyone will ask her why did she do this. Rhea describes Aliya as useless and says that even her husband left her. Suddenly, Aliya slaps her and says that she doesn’t want to see her face. Aliya leaves her and Rhea says she doesn’t want anyone and will handle her every situation. On the other side, Prachi thinks that she needs to tell him everything. Suddenly, Prachi hears Ranbir who is talking with Jay about their important file.

Ranbir says that he can’t go anywhere as Prachi’s health is not good. Prachi is about to open the door but she sees Prachi and doesn’t say anything and goes inside her room. Another side, Pallavi comes into Rhea’s room and sees her. She blames that she didn’t need to do this in this house. She warns her and asks her not to do this again.

Pallavi says that she is not counting the advantage of Prachi but counting her mistakes. Pallavi asks her not to do anything wrong tomorrow as it is Mahashivratri and everyone celebrates this. Pallavi goes and Rhea is stunned. The next morning, everyone reaches to temple for puja. Everyone takes blessings from the priest and Rhea tells that why this festival is too previous. Dida says that on this day, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva got married and there was a long story behind their marriage. Everyone reaches to the function and they meet their guests. The Episode Ends.



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