We are back with the latest episode of the Kumkum Bhagya so, the episode begins with Ranbir and Rhea, Ranbir is telling her that he had three dreams in his life and two have been completed. Rhea asks for the third one and Ranbir tells her that he wants to become a father.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2022 Written Update

Prachi is listening to everything from outside the room and feels upset. Another side, Rhea gets happy and says that she will help to fulfill his third dream. Ranbir and Rhea hug and Prachi goes from there.

He sees and moves from Rhea. He says that he is getting late for the office. Rhea tells him that the tickets have been booked and they are going tomorrow morning. Rhea gets excited and thanks, God. She says that he gave everything to her.

Rhea says that when she will tell this to the family, Prachi will have to go out of this house. On the other side, Prachi cries and feels upset over this. Shayna comes to her and says that she has done what she wants so, why is she crying.

Prachi tells her that she thought if she will hurt him so, he will go far away from her but still, he is here. She is also feeling sad and it is hurting. She tells that when she hugged him on Lohri, she feels happy and doesn’t want to leave the moment. It was amazing and also shares about the last night when he slept on her lap, she felt normal. I was happy and feeling fine.

When he woke up in the morning and asked about her pregnancy, she couldn’t have spoken the truth. She lied, broke him, and make a joke of his dreams. She tells that she had a dream to make a complete family. She tells her feeling for Ranbir. Prachi reveals that she can’t forget her past.

Shayna suggested that she can stop him from going on his honeymoon. She says that she will not stop her if he will stop, he will have to do it himself.

Later, Prachi comes to her room and finds Rhea on her bed. Prachi says that she is copying her. Prachi asks the reason of her presence in her room and Rhea says that this is a room of Ranbir and her.

Prachi also tells her that she threw burning wood in her way on Lohri and because of her, she hurt. Prachi reveals that she did everything as much she can. Rhea says that Ranbir is her and Prachi replies that if he is hers, why is she scared. Rhea warns Prachi doesn’t follow her. Rhea tells that soon, she will get to know that Ranbir is going to become the father of her child. The Episode Ends.


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