We are back with another twisting episode of Kumkum Bhagya tonight. The latest episode of the ongoing serial is capturing the massive attention of the people and every single viewer of the serial is excited to watch the upcoming serial. Well, here are lots of things to watch because of the cast members who are playing their amazing roles and grabbing the big attention of the watchers. Well, everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the next episode tonight after seeing the twists and turns in the previous episodes. Here is a written update of the upcoming episode.

kumkum bhagya

Well, the show is currently focusing on Prachi and Ranbir’s life and how are they dealing with their upside-down in their family pressures. Another side, Rhea is trying to create every single problem in their lives to separate them from each other. In the previous episodes, many fans were believing that she will get succeed in her evil plans but unfortunately, everyone is going to be changed in Rhea and Aliya’s life as Nick has been identified by the police. Now, they are searching for him to attempt murder. Now, we are going to share the written update of the upcoming episode.

Well, the latest episode begins with Ranbir who is still in the police station and talking to the inspector. Police Inspector tells him that this is a serious matter and tonight, Nick is going to meet one of Ranbir’s family members to take money from them. But, they have a plan to arrest him and his family member tonight. Meantime, Nick reaches to the police station to check that something wrong is happening and what is happening with Ranbir?

He hears Inspector and Ranbir’s conversation and realizes that he is going to unveil in front of all. Nick thinks that he will have to create a new plan so, he can come out of this matter and will not create any drama. He decides to call Prachi and tries to scare her that he will kill her husband if he doesn’t get out of his way. Prachi gets scared and thinks that what will happen if Ranbir will be involved in this. Nick says to Prachi that doesn’t she want to see her husband alive? Prachi gets scared and the episode ends.

Well, here are lots of things in the upcoming episode where Aliya and Rhea will reach the place where Nick will get his money from them. Till now, the makers didn’t release any promo video related to the upcoming episode but it will be interesting to watch the next episode tonight where Prachi will do something to save Ranbir from Nick who has planned to kill him. Stay tuned for more written updates.


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