In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will get to see something more as the serial never goes down to entertain the watchers of this serial. We will get to see in the latest episode of the serial that Pallavi will say to Prachi that today, her tongue is working too much. Prachi says that she is not arguing with her but she is trying to say that she didn’t do anything with Rhea.

Kum Kum Bhagya

She says that I did not clean the oil properly even, you have the right to scold me but if you think that I did that to make fall to Rhea then it is not right. Suddenly, Ranbir says that maybe, some smoothness of oil is left on the floor and says Prachi will never do this against rhea. Prachi says that she can scold me but don’t say this I am not a good sister.

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Suddenly, Pallavi says that if she will call her a bad Devrani so, it will work. She says that maybe, a sister can’t do anything for her sister but a Devrani can do this. Pallavi continues by saying that she is not blind and not like a mummy ji who will see your tears and melt. She doesn’t trust on her and the reason is just her. Later, she says that she can understand easily that the person is trustworthy or not.

Ranbir tries to stop Pallavi but she says not this time and says that she is scolding Devrani who did wrong with her jethani. Pallavi says that if she can’t do good something so, can become at least a good bahu and goes from there.

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Prachi tells Rhea that she can’t do anything with her and later, Shaina asks Rhea to have some rest as she will have to catch a flight. Rhea says that it is feeling pain too much and on the other side, Pallavi goes to Ranbir and says that if Prachi had fallen down, then he would have called the doctor too soon.

Later, Ranbir, Prachi, and Pallavi come with Doctor to Rhea and the doctor touches her leg and Rhea feels pain and doctor says that she need proper bed rest and Rhea’s get worried after hearing this because she wants to go to Bangalore with Ranbir but now, her plan has changed not by her but someone else.

Rhea says that she will have to catch a flight and Pallavi replies that she is not going to Bangalore but Prachi and Ranbir is going as she doesn’t want to see Prachi’s face. Rhea gets tensed after hearing as her plan is spoiling and she can’t let them go from there. Rhea says that how can they go as there are too many works in the house and the doctor ordered me to have complete bed rest and even, I ask Saina to stay for some time.

Prachi says that she can’t go because she wants to just take care of her sister and nothing important right now is more than this. After leaving Prachi, Ranbir, and Pallavi, Saina taunts Rhea and she asks to leave.

On the other side, Pragya, Dadi, and Sushma Ji made plans for Abhi and they made trapped for Abhi. Abhi compares himself to Neeraj Chopra, a javelin athlete. Abhi and Pragya challenged each other for the dot game as they want to leave Abhi’s drinking. Now, the episode will show you many more things so, let’s for the latest episode.


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