The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts when Rhea brings Ranbir with her to follow the rituals of the wedding ceremony and on the other side, Sidharth calls her but her call is not reachable. Sidharth reminds that words Sushma aunty who is not going to help Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2021 Episode

The scene comes to Kohli’s house where Ranbir and Rhea is going to play the ring game. Pallavi says who will find the ring first, he/she wons. Ranbir doesn’t want to do this and says that everything has been over and Prachi thinks that she will let him live happily after spoiling her life.

Rhea says to him that they have reached too far and now, can’t go back. Pallavi puts the ring in the water and Ranbir try to find the ring. Suddenly, Prachi comes there and finds the ring from the water. Rhea says what the hell and everyone get shocked.

Prachi says that it is a game of you or the family, now, she will rule in this house. Rhea and everyone waits for the police and suddenly, the bell rings. Rhea asks the police to arrest her and Prachi says that it was all my mistake because she thought that mummy has accepted her but she was wrong.

Prachi says that this marriage is invalid because he is the husband of her and Pallavi says that she never gave her blessing so, how can she call his wife. Prachi says that the marriage takes place between a husband and wife and it doesn’t matter that how the family treats.

Ranbir asks for proof from Prachi about their marriage but everyone denies that they are not married. Rhea asks police to arrest her and take her from here. Suddenly, Dida comes ahead to reveal that they both are married.

The whole family member gets shocked and Rhea says that the marriage was not legal because it was a fake video. Suddenly, Prachi and Ranbir say that it was a legal marriage. Later, Rhea brings Ranbir to the other side and Rhea talks to her that why is he taking his side? Ranbir says that he is not taking her side but this is true that they got married in the temple even in court.

Suddenly, Pallavi comes there and says that what are they doing here? Everything was spoiled outside because inspection is saying that he wants to arrest Rhea and Ranbir.

Ranbir says that he needs to talk to Prachi and Rhea says that he can’t talk to her alone. Ranbir replies that he was not asking, he was telling her. He goes from there and Rhea says to Pallavi that he is changing and supporting Prachi. Pallavi tries to make her understand that lets him talk to her.

Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and takes her to the room to talk. Ranbir and Prachi blame each other and Ranbir reveals that he waited for her and Prachi gets emotional. Suddenly, Prachi wakes up and Ranbir asks that what is she doing here? Prachi wants to tell him that she is pregnant. The Episode Ends.


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