Kumkum Bhagya, one of the most trending serials of ZeeTV begins with Ranbir who visits the police station for FIR. Inspector asks him to help our sketch artist by telling his appearance. He goes with another inspector and comes back to the Inspector. He sees the police informer and asks about him. Inspector says that he will just help us to catch the culprit. Another side, Preeti goes to Nick’s house to scold him and says that Police are trying to catch him and he will be arrested. He has been trapped in a big case.

kumkum bhagya

Preeti says that Prachi ma’am is not a child and those who gave him a contract had never spoiled anything of her. Nick say that who is this Prachi ma’am? Which kind of lady is she? Preeti says that Ranbir loves Prachi and can do anything for her. If he will be arrested so, what will happen of their marriage? Nick says that he will get money and hire a lawyer for him. Preeti says that no one is going to give him money for this. He is just taking risks. Preeti says that don’t need involved in this matter.

Nick leaves her alone. Another side, Ranbir says that can he remove his parents from this matter? Inspector says that the family is involved in this matter and everyone could be involved and they all are in their doubts. Sketch artist comes there and Ranbir co-operates with him. Inspector sees the sketch and thinks that he was arrested before. He asks for Nick’s file.

Inspector says that the file has burnt in the fire. Later, Nick sends Ranbir’s picture to Rhea and she calls him. Rhea asks him why did he send this pic to her? Nick tries to blackmail Rhea and says that Ranbir is with him, can she talk with him? Rhea asks what does he want? Nich reaches Ranbir’s house and meets Rhea. Suddenly, Rhea sees Ranbir and asks him if his complaint has been registered at the police station?

Rhea says that he can’t give him money and Nick blackmails him. Later, Shayna sees him from the back and goes from there. Rhea meets Pallavi and Aliya and they ask about her worry. Rhea says that she is fine and goes from there. Aliya goes to Rhea to know about this. After that, Prachi and Ranbir meet in the room who takes food for him.

She says that he didn’t have anything so, he must be hungry. He says that he is not hungry as he ate outside the house. He says that he is disappointed and has tired to handle everything. He adds that he is not feeling happy and everything has been changed. Ranbir says that she doesn’t want to let him leave his family or doesn’t want to live with him. Prachi says that she doesn’t understand. The Episode Ends.


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