Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya and it will be interesting to watch the next episode. Many things have appeared in the previous episodes and lots of things have left shocked every watcher after Rhea accused Prachi that she tried to kill her through an accident. But, Ranbir doesn’t want to believe that Prachi did this. Rhea gave a bribe to the doctor so, he can bandage her and Ranbir will think that Rhea was harmed. Keep reading to know the written update of the upcoming episode.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2022 Written Update

Before moving to the upcoming episode, we like to share with our readers that the previous episode has shown about Rhea’s evil plan against Prachi and Aliya and Rhea just wants to keep Prachi away from the Kohli house. They made this plan to keep her away from Ranbir’s life and will make her arrest in the fake case. When Rhea came into the police station with Prachi and Ranbir, she tried to take sympathy of Rhea and even told him that it is painful due to which, he took her to the doctor. Suddenly, Aliya came there and asked the doctor to bandage her otherwise.

Later, Prachi told Sahana that she will have to go to the gynecologist to check herself and that maybe, there is something wrong because she came inside the house from the behind door and no one saw her. Prachi said that she will have to hide everything from everyone otherwise, she will not be saved. Suddenly, Ranbir came there and said that he knew everything. Prachi and Sahana got shocked. Ranbir said that they are hiding something and he knows that neither Sahana nor Prachi will tell anything to him.

He said that if she can’t hide the truth from her so, she will have to properly otherwise if he will get reality so, he will never forgive her. At the last, Aliya and Rhea forced the police inspector to arrest Prachi otherwise, they will get into trouble. Many watchers are expecting what will happen next? Will police arrest Prachi? Ranbir will help her or not? Lots of things are yet to appear in the latest episode and fans are eagerly waiting to watch tonight’s episode. Keep reading to know more about the upcoming episode.


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