The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with some twists and turns because Prachi has been reached to the Kohli house where she spoiled water over Rhea’s Kumkum print. Pallavi shouts at her and says that she doesn’t know the value of Kumkum and asks her to leave otherwise, and Prachi goes to Ranbir and smashes his garnald and everyone gets shocked.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2021 Episode

Pallavi calls security and Prachi says that why are you calling security in this house. Prachi says that she smashes this garnald therefore and if she breaks this relationship so, to whom she will call. Vikram asks her to calm down and talk about this later but she says that she just wants to think about her.

Ranbir says that why are you doing this right now? and she says that she needs to do this before and Rhea says that Ranbir came to her forcefully and Prachi says that he came by his choice. We loved each other and like Rhea, she never put him in any darkness. Prachi says that how can he get married because he is already married to her and he can’t do this again. Rhea says that their relationship has been broken and Prachi says to her that she doesn’t need to decide this.

Rhea gets shocked because Prachi says that the relationship is never going to end and Pallavi ask her not to talk like this and go outside the house. Prachi reminds the words of Sidharth who said to her that Pallavi didn’t want to see her happy and therefore, they planned this. Prachi says that she never gave her the love and she behaved with her like servants in this house and she tolerates because she respects and loves her a lot. Prachi says that she follows all the responsibilities here.

Prachi says that she will have to follow her responsibilities as a wife. Prachi asks guests to leave this house because she is the wife of Ranbir who is still alive. Rhea says that how can you say like this and our marriage was not a drama. Prachi replies she is Prachi Ranbir Kohli, the wife of Ranbir and the daughter-in-law of this house.

Prachi says that this is not a valid marriage and smashes her garland. Rhea is about to slap Prachi and she holds her hand. Prachi warns her not to dare this otherwise, she will slap her. Prachi also makes Ranbir understand that he can’t get married. Rhea asks her to leave this house. Rhea blames her and suddenly, Prachi slaps her. Now, the fans get to see a new avatar of Prachi who is doing such a drama in the Kohli house.

Vikram shouts at her and says that she can’t do this in this house. Prachi apologizes to him and says that he just follows Pallavi’s voice. Dida says that first time, Prachi is fighting for her rights first time. Ranbir says that why did she come today on the marriage of Ranbir. Prachi is about to tell but she stops. Ranbir thinks that he just wants her back. Now, the episode will come with lots of things and Prachi will take the help of the police and NGOs lady.


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