The latest episode of the most awaited and trending serial of Zee TV, Kumkum Bhagya is all set to telecast one more episode today as of August 7, 2021. The episode shows that the brother of Gautam comes to the cabin of Pragya and asks her to drink coffee in her cabin. He says he knows that she has everything without time. Pragya says Okay and goes from there. On the other side, Gautam sees Abhi and calls Gaurav (Gautam’s elder brother) and says while pointing at Abhi that he is a recent bodyguard of Pragya. We don’t think that our plan will get successful until he is a boyfriend.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2021

Gaurav asks for the papers and also asks other papers where Pragya signed before. Gaurav thinks about a plan. On the other side, Abhi knocks the gate of Pragya’s cabin. Abhi enters and sees that Pragya is in her cabin and tells her that he went home but gets to know that you have already left for office. Pragya says she likes to do work on time.

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Abhi says that I scolded you a lot and Pragya says that you don’t need to say sorry. Abhi replies he is not going to say sorry but I scolded you so maybe, you understood that how angry I was. You should realize about it. It was too but reality. Abhi goes and Pragya stands in a shock and thinks that I was listening yesterday and even today. Who is the boss here, he or I am.

On the other side, Pallavi comes to Vikram’s room and sees that Vikram’s health is going worse and Dida comes and says that asks for Rhea. The servant comes to Rhea and says that Pallavi ma’am is too angry and calling you. Pallavi, Rhea, Prachi and Dida come to the place and Pallavi asks for prescriptions and medicines of Vikram from Rhea and Rhea gets confused that where did he put medicines.

Pallavi gets angry and says that the first dose of medicine had to give us to him. Pallavi gets too nervous and Prachi says that I put the medicines but Pallavi stops her and scolds her. Pallavi asks her to stay shut up and asks for a prescription for Rhea.

Prachi says that I can help but Pallavi again scolds her and says I don’t need your help. Rhea goes inside her room and finds that the prescription could be gone outside the window. While Gaurav and peon interact with each other and suddenly, the water of glass split on Gaurav’s court and he is about slap Peon and suddenly,

Abhi holds Gaurav’s hand and they interact. Abhi warns him and asks him to stay away from Pragya. Gaurav also warns him and says that He will not do a single work on time, he will be fired from the company. The Episode Ends.


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