The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Police who is searching for something from her room. Police find tools inside the bag which was put by Aliya while police were investing. Police say that maybe, the tools were used to lose the nut bolts of the balcony and Sahana says that she was not involved in this. Police say that did she understand? Rhea says that Prachi was involved in this case and she tried to kill her. Rhea blames Rhea once again. Prachi asks her to shut up but Rhea says that she doesn’t want to keep quit.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th May 2022 Written Update

Rhea says that she wants to fill a complaint against Prachi. She asks police officer to file complaint against her and arrest her. Ranbir gets shocked and says to the police officer that if he wants to arrest Prachi so, he doesn’t need to think about Rhea rather than his decision. He will not stop following the procedure. Ranbir says that Prachi can’t harm anyone in the house and even, someone can also say this. Prachi says to Ranbir that he thinks I can do this and Ranbir replies No, he doesn’t think that she can take this kind of step.

Ranbir adds that he also thinks that they were in love with each other. Police say that does it means that they came here to see the family drama. Police ask Ranbir, Prachi, and Rhea to come police station. Police ask everyone to sit in the station as he is going to create paperwork. Ranbir sits alongside Prachi and Rhea gets jealous. She sits alongside Ranbir and says that it is paining. Rhea says that she was fallen down from the first floor.

Rhea argues with Prachi and Prachi asks her to shut up. Prachi asks her how can she do this acting. Prachi says it is an illusion and she is coming between Ranbir and her. Ranbir comes there and asks Rhea to get up. She holds Ranbir’s hand and Prachi sees this. Prachi sees them and gets teary. Everyone reaches to Police station and Sahana asks about Ranbir and Rhea. They go to the doctor and Rhea gets worried that it is not paining and the doctor will reveal it. Doctor asks to show her hand and the doctor says that she is not harmed.

The doctor says that she is well right now. Rhea asks the doctor to bandage and Aliya gives money to Doctor. Prachi talks to Sahana and says that she came inside from another door. Suddenly, Ranbir comes there and says that he knows everything. On another side, Dida is analyzing beds put on the floor. Pallavi comes to her and says that she is not going to give her a second chance. Pallavi says that she wants the Police to arrest Prachi. The Episode Ends.


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