We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya once again with some amazing turns and twists. As we have seen in the last episode that Prachi remembered everything about Ranbir that happened last night and in the morning, Rhea had made a big drama in the house once again when she took a signature of Prachi in the house and she denies that she did not do this.

Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 6th January 2022

Aliya, Rhea and Pallavi made this plan to let Prachi out of Kohli house but Shayna told everything to Prachi in morning because she heard the conversation of Rhea and Aliya.

Prachi doesn’t want to accept that she remembers everything that happened between her and Ranbir last night. She is ignoring because she just wants to show her anger and Ranbir forgot that Prachi wrote a letter for him where she revealed that she is going to become a mother of his son.

Now, the latest episode comes with an amazing turn when Prachi will give a befitting reply to Rhea because of her. Prachi gets angry and Pallavi also supports Rhea for her intention and says that she was with her all-time in the party.

Prachi comes to Pallavi and says that she was also involved in her plan. She knew that it was wrong but still, she did this. Rhea says that doesn’t talk to her like this. Prachi says that she is totally involved in this because she loved Rhea and definitely, she will always help her.

Without her permission, nothing can happen in this house and therefore, she was definitely involved in this. Aliya says that she can’t tolerate that Prachi is a niece of her. Prachi says that she will have to carry this weight because this relation will continue for the rest of her life.

Prachi says that she was worried about her son because he got married with her and at that time, she always curse her. But now, the time has been changed and she is just mother-in-law of her. She feels upset because of her. Prachi makes understands that Rhea is not trustworthy. She asks her not to involve in this matter. Prachi says that she did not do anything and Rhea reads the paper in front of everyone.

Prachi says that she did not write anything and when she was drunk, Rhea took her signatures on the paper. Ranbir says that did Rhea take Prachi’s signature once again? Suddenly, Pallavi claps and says that when she was shouting at her, he did not say anything and when it was about Prachi, he pointed out at Rhea. Along with this, Pallavi reveals that she was involved in this and did all these things. Rhea says that make ourselves dirty to clean the house.

Pallavi says that she can throw out of the house. Prachi says that she can also give a befitting reply to her so, it will hurt her. Ranbir holds the hand of Prachi and says that he need to talk to her alone. Ranbir says that he can help her and says that they got married before. Ranbir says that she has told everything and Prachi remembers everything.

Does Ranbir ask if she is pregnant? She get shocked and on the other side, Aliya, Pallavi, and Rhea talk to each other and say that they will have to do something with Prachi.

Dida says that they will have to say Ranbir to this and they can say anything to Ranbir. Aliya says that she has paper. The decision is fixed. Ranbir and Prachi comes and Rhea shouts at Ranbir. She says that he doesn’t care anyone in this house and she can tolerate more. Rhea asks Prachi to leave the house as soon as possible. Prachi says that the paper is just a piece for her. The Episode Ends.


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