We are back with another written update of ZeeTV’s serial, Kumkum Bhagya. Viewers are taking their interest to watch the next episode of upcoming episode. Well, we are going to share the latest written update of the upcoming episode. The episode begins with the drama of Rhea and Pallavi comes ahead to say that she can’t sit in this puja. Prachi says that she can’t get up from the Puja and don’t force her to get up. Pallavi doesn’t say anything but she asks Ranbir to get up from the Puja. Ranbir reminds Pallavi’s words and he asks his family that should he get up?

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode 6th April 2022 Written Update

Vikram comes behind Ranbir and says that he doesn’t need to get up and Dida says to Pandit Ji that he doesn’t need to stop at any cost and continue the rituals. Ranbir says that to whom want to do something, can do this here. He adds that his family members are even disturbing the event. Prachi and Ranbir continue their Puja and Pallavi gets shocked but doesn’t say anything. Rhea sees this and gets jealous.

Another side, Aliya asks Nick to cut the rope until its last thread and when she will send him a signal for this, he can cut this. On the other side, everyone prays for their family, and Ranbir and Prachi stand for prayer. Aliya is watching them from the top and waiting for the right time. The Puja finishes and Ranbir comes to Pallavi and takes blessings. She says that God, please separate Prachi and Ranbir from each other.

She says that Ranbir doesn’t know what he wants but a mother knows everything. Pallavi comes to Vikram and Pallavi and gives befitting replies. While Jay teases Shayna and another side, Ranbir and Prachi gets together under the chandelier. Aliya asks Nick to do it fast as Ranbir has gone from there and Prachi is alone.

Suddenly, Shayna goes toward Prachi’s room and asks Aliya what is she doing here? Aliya says what is she doing here? Shayna says that she is going to take her phone. Suddenly, Aliya cuts the rope and Ranbir notices the chandelier and saves Prachi’s life. Everyone gets shocked after seeing this. Aliya runs away from there. Neeti sees her boyfriend and Shayna also notices that someone is going out from her behind.

Ranbir also notices the waiter and asks him to stop him. Nick starts running from there and Ranbir follows him. Nick gets hurt. Prachi goes in shock for a time and Aliya intent to show that it was just an accident or nothing else. Nick is continuously calling Aliya but she doesn’t pick up his call. He says that if he will be caught so, he will reveal everything. Later, Aliya helps Nick by giving him a lift. The Episode Ends.


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