One of the top trending and popular TV shows, Kumkum Bhagya has been engaged a huge fan base. After the last episode, the fans are excited to watch the next episode and it begins with Rhea who has fallen down from the balcony and created a big drama along with Aliya who is also involved in this. She asks that how did she fell down and Rhea tells that she was just taking support of railing and fall down. Aliya shouts Prachi’s name and says that everyone will have to do something about Prachi as they are living under the same roof.

kumkum bhagya

Aliya says that Prachi wants to kill Rhea. Dida says that she began once again and Ranbir says that she is worried about this and therefore, she is doing this. Rhea asks Aliya to call the police and they will find the real culprit. Ranbir says that it was just an accident or nothing else. Ranbir says that she didn’t do anything and the Police will also say that it was an accident. Aliya creates a big drama against Prachi and tries to provoke everyone. Aliya tells everything that she attacked on Rhea and will do this again until Rhea dies.

Aliya says that she will do everything for Rhea and will do everything only for Rhea. Ranbir snatches Aliya’s phone and says that she doesn’t need to call the police every time. Aliya tells that Prachi was involved in this. Sahana comes there and says that Prachi was involved in this because she had no time for this. They always blame Prachi. Pallavi tells that she has called Police and they are coming.

Pallavi says that Aliya is right and she wants to kill Rhea. Pallavi says that Nick told everyone that Prachi was planned everything. Ranbir says that Prachi can’t do this. Vikram tries to make everyone understand and Aliya says that she will complain to everyone. Sahana says that Prachi can’t do this. Rhea stands and says that Prachi doesn’t want her as a friend and she called her illegal wife.

Another side, Prachi comes inside the house and thinks that she has to go inside the room so, no one could see her. Rhea says that no one cares for her. Rhea creates drama in the house and Pallavi says that everyone is with her. Ranbir asks Pallavi that don’t talk about her marriage and everyone is using him as a husband. He says that she doesn’t need to include him. Suddenly, Police come inside and ask about Pallavi. The Episode Ends.


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