The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with something new and interesting twists. Well, after the last episode, there is some change in the show. Yes, Pooja Banerjee is one of the lead characters of the serial who was playing the role of Prachi’s sister, and Abhi and Pragya’s daughter has been changed. Now, Tina Philip has taken place as Rhea Mehra in the serial. Pooja Banerjee exists due to her pregnancy and now, she is on rest for some time. Well, the serial is going to be more interesting.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest Episode 5th March 2022 Written Update

The latest episode of the serial begins with Pallavi and Aiiya coming to Rhea’s room and they find that she is sitting alone and crying. Pallavi asks about her and says how is she? She cries and moves back to her. Pallavi picks a call and goes outside the room. Aliya takes her name and Rhea collide with a table and falls but Aliya holds her. She says that why is she here? All the things of her room should be in Ranbir’s room and nothing is going on time. She says that she want to spend her quality time with Ranbir and wants to make a honeymoon with him.

Aliya notices her madness for Ranbir and she says that she wants to live in Ranbir’s room. She just wants to kick Prachi out of the house and become the official wife of Ranbir Kohli. She is the one and only daughter-in-law of Kohli’s house. She will show to the whole world that she is the only wife of Ranbir Kohli. Rhea gets angry and Aliya comes to Pallavi. She asks that where is Rhea. Aliya says that she is coming.

Later, Rhea calls the doctor and asks her if she saw the reports of Prachi. She tells that she didn’t read but she has a duplicate copy of the reports. Rhea asks her to take the report to the house. The doctor denies and tells Rhea that Prachi is pregnant. Rhea asks the doctor to tell this the whole family. Doctor gets agrees and says that she will tell everything.

Rhea takes everyone’s attention and says that she is going to reveal something. Now, something is about to reveal because Rhea will reveal that she is pregnant. Prachi and everyone is stunned shocked but Prachi and Shayna are still in doubt. So, what will be seen in the next episode? It will be interesting to watch the next episode tonight. Keep watching Kumkum Bhagya on ZeeTV.


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