We are back with the latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya where Ranbir comes to Pallavi for asking about her health and she says that had he asked to Prachi about this? Pallavi gives him befitting replies and Ranbir says that he wants to apologize to her. Pallavi says that he needs to follow her words and has to do what she wants to say. Aliya hears their conversation. She says that this is the right way to make him understand that he has to sit with Rhea in the puja. 

kumkum bhagya

Pallavi says that she doesn’t need to say this to him and she had no intention to tell him about the puja. She goes from there and on another side, Ranbir, Vikram, and Jay talk to each other. Jay complains to Vikram about Ranbir. Suddenly, Ranbir sees Prachi who is wearing red colored Saree. They see each other and Dida and Shayns appreciate them. Rhea pushes Shayna and she says that Rhea did this intentionally. Dida asks them to stop their drama as this is a time of Puja. Pandit Ji asks everyone to have or drink something before Puja. 

Ranbir comes to Pallavi and says that he is feeling Hungary and has to eat something. She asks him to have some juice or water. Pallavi sees Rhea and appreciates her for her dress. Prachi goes from there and Ranbir mistakenly touches her bangles. He says sorry to her and goes from there. Later, Preeti’s boyfriend Nick comes there and Pallavi asks him who is he? who invited him?

Rhea comes there and says that she invited him for helping others. Shayna sees this and notices something. Nick sees his girlfriend there and goes. Preeti meets him in the kitchen. Preeti says that if someone sees him, they will call the police and made him arrest. Nick says that he is not going anywhere because he came here to murder her Prachi ma’am. Preeti gets shocked and asks him to go from here. Suddenly, Prachi comes there and asks about them.

Nick says that she is assuming that I am trying to flirt with her. He goes from there leaving them alone. Prachi asks him to take out fruits from there as she has to make juice. Another side, Shayna asks Nick about Prachi as he saw her somewhere. He replies to her by saying that he didn’t see her. Suddenly, Rhea slaps Nick and asks him to do his work as he is doing something else.

Shayna sees this and says what is he doing with Rhea? Suddenly, Shayna picks ups Aunty’s phone and ignores them. Ranbir asks Jay to work for his urgent work and Jay says that he is doing the same as he did it before with all the staff. Prachi notices this. Prachi reminds his words. She comes inside and Jay comes toward Juice. He also asks Ranbir to have it and Ranbir denies it. The Episode Ends.


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