We are back with the latest written update of Kumkum Bhagya and the episode begins with Pallavi who stops Ranbir to not to working too much. He says that he needs urgent work to do and Vikram says that he needs to talk to him and no one will interfere between father and son. Ranbir tries to make him understand and Vikram says that if he has to do work so, he can do it. Aliya overhears them and thinks that if they will kick out Prachi of this house so, they can live peacefully. Ranbir goes from there and Vikram sees Aliya and says that is she hearing their conversation?

Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Full Written Update

Aliya says that she was going straight. Another side, Rhea asks Prachi not to go behind Ranbir. They come into an argument and Rhea says that she bored her. Prachi says that she and Ranbir are living under the same roof. Rhea and Prachi come into an argument. Rhea laughs at her and says that her life is going to spoil. They come into a heated argument and suddenly, Prachi feels dizzy. Prachi calls the doctor and says that she is feeling something wrong. Doctor asks her to come to the clinic.

Ranbir hears her and says that if she wants to tell him something so, she can. Prachi remembers Ranbir and Rhea’s moment and says that he needs to go to Rhea’s room as they are a couple and she will feed him by her hands. Ranbir says that he lost his way and now, she showed him the right way. Prachi and Ranbir come into an argument and Prachi says that he likes to hurt her. Prachi says that he married to Rhea and gave all her love to Rhea because he always loved her. He always wanted to marry her but because of the confusion, he married to her. Ranbir says that did she love him? Prachi replies that never loved him.

Ranbir says that he will go far away from her. Prachi says that she doesn’t want him to stay close to her. She asks him to go to his Rhea. They goes on their ways. They both cry and on another side, Aliya comes to Rhea’s house and says that she made a story that she loves to stand on the balcony.

Suddenly, they hear someone is coming and hides behind a curtain. Ranbir and Vikram come into the room and takes files. She asks that she planned everything and she will have to fall down from the balcony so, it could create a big drama. Rhea falls down and everyone rushed to her to save her and suddenly, Aliya shouts Prachi’s name. The Episode Ends.


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