The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with where the last episode ended. Yes, Prachi and Ranbir are getting married once again as they are drunk. Ranbir fire papers and says that the fire will be extinguished soon so, he need more paper from the almirah. Suddenly, Rhea sees them from the window and try to stop them outside the room.

kumkum bhagaya 4th january 2022

Rhea asks them to stop this marriage and Prachi says that they are not going to stop. They put papers in the bowl and starts walking around the bowl. Ranbir says that now, seven around will happen. Rhea tries to stop them and open the window. Suddenly, Pallavi stops and hears the noise of Rhea.

Everyone including Shayna, Dida, Pallavi, and Aliya comes close to the window. Pallavi and Aliya get shocked. Dida gives blessings to Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says that what she is trying to say? Dida says that she doesn’t know the meaning of love and therefore, they are getting married because they know the value of life, and love.

At the end, the marriage takes place and Ranbir says that he loves her. Rhea is stunned shocked with Pallavi and Aliya and on the other side, Dida gets happy.

Later, Ranbir opens the gate and Dida comes there with Shayna. She says that they gave her the happiest moment of her life and she wants to live more. Suddenly, Rhea comes and gets angry. Rhea says that they need something to take out of their situation. Prachi shouts at her and says that she doesn’t need to say anything.

Also, Ranbir takes the side of Prachi and warns her to not say a single word. Rhea goes from there and Prachi says that Pallavi is a good mother but she doesn’t want her as her daughter-in-law.

Later, Prachi says that she doesn’t want to take blessings from Aliya but she will give curses to them instead of blessings. Ranbir says that she is angry because she came here to attend the party but going after seeing their wedding.

Dida and Shayna stay there and Ranbir says that he wants to follow all the rituals after the wedding and is about to give something to Shayna but suddenly falls down.

Dida gets worried because if they will wake up in the morning so maybe, they will forget everything but she suggests to Shayna that she has a plan. Dida asks Shayna to spread some flower petals on their bed so, they will get to know that they had a great night together.

On the other side, Pallavi comes to her room and Vikram says that how was the party and she should be happy. Pallavi says that until Prachi is living in the house, she can’t be happy.

Suddenly, Pallavi reveals that they have papered with Prachi’s sign. Pallavi says that they will have to cut her root because she will continue this in this house. Vikram asks her to get calm down.

Another side, Rhea comes to her room and Aliya follows her. Aliya asks her to wait for the next morning. Rhea says that she can’t see Ranbir and Prachi together. Aliya says that who will give the paper to her and Rhea says that she will do this work. Rhea asks Aliya to stay in the house tonight. The Episode Ends.


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