One of the most entertaining and amazing serials of Zeetv, Kumkum Bhagya is back with another episode with lots of twists and turns. We have seen lots of twists in the last few episodes as Prachi has been reaching to the wedding ceremony to stop the wedding and she is reveal everything in front of the house members but unfortunately.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2021

It was just a dream for Prachi who is coming by car but it seems that the next episode is going to be a little change because the latest promo video is revealing lots of upcoming moments of the house. Well, we are excited to watch the next episode of the house and it will be interesting to watch.

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Well, the promo video has been released on the Internet and we can see that how the fans are excited for the next episode. There are lots of comments on social media which is telling about the upcoming episode but the promo video is showing some other things.

Let talk about the upcoming episode so, it starts when Prachi comes to the wedding hall and finds no one there as everyone has been moved from there and gone their home. Prachi creates a plan and she rushes towards the Kohli house where the Gehreparwesh ritual of Rhea is about to take place but unfortunately, someone interrupts in their rituals.

Prachi comes with the police at Kohli’s house and she pickup a water pot and throws it over Rhea and Lal Kumkum. Everyone gets shocked after seeing her and Pallavi yells at by saying that how does she dare to do this? Prachi says that if a wrong Kumkum comes into the house so, you decide what comes with this happiness or something else.

Pallavi gets shocked and Rhea says that do you have manners? How can you talk like this to mom? Rhea is about to slap and Prachi holds her hand. Prachi comes to Ranbir and breaks the garland of him and Rhea. Suddenly, Rhea insults Prachi by saying that she was sleeping with someone else and Prachi slaps her.

Pallavi yells at Prachi and she says that she has rights over her husband and this marriage is illegal because they are not divorced yet. Pallavi tries to bring out Prachi from the house and Ranbir tries to stop Prachi.

While Rhea comes to stop Ranbir and suddenly, everyone sees that there are some NGOs ladies and police ladies at the door. Rhea reacts emotionally in front of them and the NGOs ladies say that they came here for Prachi and she is married so, this marriage is totally illegal because of which, you could be jailed. Now, the upcoming episode is ready to entertain all the watchers and there will be lots of things to watch. Stay tuned for more updates.


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