Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode. This is an outstanding show, which is very popular among people. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the promo video, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The episode starts with Prachi telling Shahana that Ranbir can prove himself innocent and clear in front of the world, but now she will not believe. Shahana said to Prachi did this and she added the medicine.

kumkum bhagya

Shana says if he will prove he is not innocent and some did this then what will she do. Parchi says if he proves clean himself then she promises that she will convince him and will fight with him, not because of her love, however, he is the father of her baby. Shahana says this will be proved that it was Rhea, who is really guilty. Prachi says now she will see her Avtar which even she has not seen.

Pallavi recalls Ranbir’s words that she shall not accuse Prachi’s character and that she regrets it daily. Dadi comes there and calls Pallavi. Pallavi says she has come to tell her that her behavior was not right with her. Dadi says that she has come here to tell her about the Pooja of Satyanarayana. She says parents can do many mistakes, but don’t make mistakes for their children. She says whatever she is saying today for Prachi and Ranbir. She says that they should be united. Dida asks Pallavi to do not to disturb them. Dida says that she failed as a Sass and asks her to do something to prove herself a good Bahu.

Vikram comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says to thought to do work here, as he had much work. Ranbir says what is he doing here. Vikram asks about the matter. Ranbir recalls all the words, which Prachi has said to him. Ranbir says if he will disclose everything which is his heart. Ranbir says to his father that he is the reason that he has to sleep here. Vikram says that now he got the idea that he is here to sleep here and he asks how he has increased his madness. He says he didn’t believe in love but when he sees him and his mother then he realize that relationships can be true and Prachia met her. After all this, he got married to Prachi.

He says that after all this Parchi left him and then their relationship broke due to some issues. Vikram says a fight is the mark of a better relationship. you will see Prachi comes to Pallavi and says that Ranbir loves her and he doesn’t mean that he does love her. Pallavi says that doesn’t tell how much her son loves her. Parchi says that she will not sit with Rhea and Ranbir in the peace till then Ranbir proves his innocence. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.


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