In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we are going to watch twists and turns in the next upcoming episode and it will be interesting to watch. The episode starts when Ranbir will be pulled by his father Vikram and he warns him that if he will not get married to Rhea otherwise, she is going to die and his mother and father will also get suicide.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2021

Later, Pallavi comes with Rhea to the Mandap and Dida says to Pallavi that he doesn’t want to get married but suddenly, Pallavi sees Ranbir coming down to the stairs. Pallavi says to Dida that he will do this wedding because no one is forcing him.

The wedding ceremony starts and everything is going as Rhea’s planned. The priest asks for the garland. Ranbir and Rhea get up and the priest asks to perform garland to each other. Ranbir sees the shadow of Prachi in Rhea and he gets excited but get realizes that she is none other than Rhea.

The priest asks them to sit at their place and the wedding ceremony continues. Suddenly, everyone feels an air and the priest says that if the Hawankund will be extinguished, it will be a misfortune. Rhea asks Ranbir to get up as their pehere is about to happen.

Again, Ranbir thinks about Prachi and gets happy. Pallavi and Rhea thinks that everything goes as planned. The last pehera is about to take place and Ranbir is confused. Suddenly, the knot opens and suddenly, everyone hears the voice of Prachi who asks to stop! this marriage.

Dida and Ranbir get happy after seeing her. Rhea shouts at Prachi and she asks her to shut her mouth. Prachi says that she will reveal her truth. Prachi says that she went to Sidharth to tell that it was all planned by Pallavi and Rhea says that it was all a lie.

Suddenly, Sidharth comes from behind and says that he can prove the reality here. Sidharth says that when she came to him, he recorded everything. Prachi says that she spoiled her life and even, Ranbir did not believe in her. Prachi plead in front of Ranbir.

Suddenly, Sidharth wants to show proof to everyone but Prachi stops him by saying that she just wants to win the heart of Ranbir without any proof. Prachi says to everyone that he still loves her and trust her. She adds that someone is also involved in this plan and totally, Pallavi is pointed. The Episode Ends.


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