The trending serial, Kumkum Bhagya begins with Pallavi who is reminding Ranbir about his childhood and telling that how did she take care of him in his childhood. She says that she always takes care of him before his wishes but he is saying that she is not a good mother. She says that because of Prachi, he is forgetting them. Vikram asks Pallavi to go in the room and take some rest. Pallavi cries and is about to fall but Ranbir gives her support. Pallavi denies him for giving support to her and goes from there.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2022 Written Update

Ranbir leaves the hall and Prachi says that she saw her anger but today, she got to see her tears and it should not have happened with her. She adds that she is far away from her mother. Another side, Aliya meets Rhea in her room Rhea says that she has thought and Aliya thinks that she is thinking right. Rhea thinks that Prachi just used her for accepting Ranbir and once, she got Ranbir, she left her alone. Rhea says that all the relationships are fake. Rhea says that I want everything and Ranbir also.

Rhea adds that she will have to go from Ranbir’s life and Aliya says that Prachi will have to die. From the next day, all the problems will be gone from her life. Prachi feels upset in her room and thinks about Pallavi and Ranbir. Suddenly, Dida comes in her room with Saree and Prachi tells everything to her. She adds that she can’t see them like this and can’t become a reason for their fight. Dida says that she doesn’t need to accept her wrong for them.

Dida gives her Saree and asks her to wear this Saree in tomorrow’s function. Another side, Vikram comes with Pallavi to her room and Ranbir gives her a glass of water. She says that he doesn’t need to take care of her. Ranbir says that he can’t see her like this and Pallavi doesn’t want to hear him. Vikram asks Pallavi if they will talk about this later and Pallavi gives them befitting replies. Pallavi tells everything that how she feels about him.

Pallavi says that he always supports Prachi and he left them when they didn’t accept her as a daughter-in-law of this house. Pallavi provokes her by saying that she always tried to take her from them. Pallavi asks him to go from her room as she doesn’t want to say anything. Ranbir goes from the room and Vikram says that he knows the anger of his mother. Later, Ranbir comes inside his room and sits on the floor. Prachi comes in his room and says that he doesn’t need to fight for her. She can fight her own fight. The Episode Ends.


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