In the latest update of the Kumkum Bhagya, July 31, 2021, the episode will come with the latest twists as we have watched that Sushma has reached the Abhi’s house and asking for the damage amount of around Rs 1 Lakh rupees. She says that she will send her to jail if he will not pay. Sushma thinks that you have teased many times Pragya and if you stay in jail so, will not come in front of Pragya.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2021 Episode

Abhi says that the incident took place because of the man who was with Pragya. The argument continues between car mechanics, Abhi and Sushma. The car mechanic says that he will pay the money the next morning and will come with a cheque.

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Abhi says to Sushma that why are you standing here? if you will stay here so, you will make Rs 2 lakh or 1 Lakh. Sushma says okay the money will be sent to my house early morning. She leaves. Later, Abhi thanks the car mechanic and says that how will he thanks him.

The car mechanic says that it is not a favor. The money which I am giving to her will be returned by you. Abhi and everyone get shocked. The car mechanic says that he will have to pay but will get a return with interest every month. One of Abhi’s family members says that you were also about to go jail so, why did Abhi pay the total amount of the accident so, the mechanic replies that if he goes jail, he will be released on the bail but do you have money to afford lawyer or bail to get back Abhi.

On the other side, Pragya thinks about Abhi and sees herself in front of her. She talks to herself and says that is why I am loving him with lots of madness. She regrets herself and trying to get all the answers of her question. She thinks that when she was not feeling well when she was in smoke and couldn’t breathe. She realizes that Abhi loves her a lot because, in any situation, he came with her and saved her life.

While, the next scene comes to Abhi and he thinks that all these things happened because of Pragya because she sent Sushma, Manager to his home and created this situation. Suddenly, Tannu comes to her and says that what is going on? and asks the reason behind his head injury. Abhi says that he came into conflict with a man.

Tannu says that he was one of them who was close to Pragya. If you don’t love her so, why are you scaring for her? Abhi asks her to leave but she doesn’t. He says that if you will not go so, I will go and he left the spot. Tannu says that Yes, you only know that how to run away from the truth but Abhi, you can’t do it all time and learn to face the reality. The episode ends.


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