The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi and Ranbir. Prachi continuously asks him to drop her down and he puts her on the sofa. Ranbir and Prachi argue with each other and Prachi ask him that she doesn’t need any care about her. Ranbir says to her Okay baby. Prachi says that doesn’t call her baby and he says to her that so don’t react like a baby.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2022 Full Written Update

Rhea sees this and get angry. She asks Ranbir doesn’t need to call her baby. Ranbir says to her that she should say to her sister and Prachi warns Rhea that she doesn’t need to talk to her and if she wants to say something, she can say to her so-called husband.

Ranbir sees Prachi and he goes from there. Shayna says what she is doing? Prachi says that she needs to value herself. Dida says that he was just taking care of her that it. Prachi thinks that she can’t let her do this again.

Aliya and Pallavi say that he was just taking care of her because he always cares for everyone and she is not special. Prachi says first, they care for free and later, the victim need to pay a lot. Prachi thinks about her past when Ranbir asked her to go out of his life.

Ranbir comes to the room and finds for first-ad-box. Rhea follows him and Ranbir says that he is just taking care of her. Rhea says that she insulted her alot. She says that if he has any self-respect so, he will not do this.

Ranbir is still searching for the box and asks Rhea to go and sleep in her room. Ranbir says to her that Prachi is hurt and when he sees her, he gets hurt lot.

Ranbir goes from there and Rhea says that she will do something. She will have to do something against Prachi. Rhea gets angry and says wait and watch Prachi. Ranbir comes back and gives the first ad to her. Prachi calls Police and says to the officer that she is Prachi and talking from Kohli mansion, Vasant Kunj. She says that someone is hurting a girl without her permission.

Pallavi and Vikram go another side. She asks him to do something. Vikram says that he can’t do this. He tries to make her understand that they are the spot where their relationship has been reached to the last point. She asks him to stay quiet. Ranbir asks her not to stare at him continuously. Prachi says that why is he taking care of her? No one can understand what is going on here?

Police reach there and say who is Prachi? Aliya and Rhea says that she is going mad because her husband was taking care of her. He tells Police Officer that he was just taking care of her. He also reveals what he just did with his wife. Prachi says that she doesn’t care of him that what he does or does not. Ranbir calls Rhea baby. The Episode Ends.


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