We are back with the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya and the upcoming episode begins with Rhea who is trying to provoke Pallavi by saying that Prachi is breaking into her house and no one is helping her in this house even, Ranbir, and her family. She says that if they will not do anything now, it will happen soon in front of the house. A day will come soon when Ranbir will accept Prachi as his wife. She asks Pallavi that she will have to save her house before it breaks. She asks for help from Pallavi and Pallavi asks sorry to her that everything was happening in front of her.

kumkum bhagya

Pallavi says that Prachi is spoiling the value of the family. She asks Rhea to go with her. In the kitchen, Ranbir says that he is happy today because he ate with her and he loved her company. He spent a good time with her. They used to have food before and Prachi says that it happened only the first time and will not happen again. Prachi is about to leave and Prachi’s Saree struck in Ranbir’s bracelet. Ranbir says that it happened because of God and maybe, God also wants this.

Prachi says that can they have food without talking to each other. Ranbir asks her to talk to him politely but Prachi doesn’t want to say anything. Ranbir says that he doesn’t have control over his feelings and his heart says that it only loves Prachi and nothing else. Ranbir tries to show his feelings for her and share everything to her. Prachi says that he doesn’t need to say anything.

He says that she teases him everything and even abuses to him. Prachi says that she doesn’t abuse and he says that he just said this. Ranbir takes her close to him and they fall in each other eyes. They continuously see each other and suddenly, Prachi is about to leave. Pallavi comes there and asks her to stop her drama in this house.

Ranbir says that what is happening here and Prachi tells that she is just having her dinner. Rhea says that she is just finding a way to talk to Ranbir. Rhea says that she has intentions to meet Ranbir. He says that what is happening here. Pallavi asks her to not to play with his feelings.

Ranbir couldn’t understand this and Pallavi says that she is trying to snatch him once again from family. She doesn’t want to see Rhea and Ranbir together. Pallavi adds that she always used the man and she did the same with Sid that night. Suddenly, Ranbir shouts at Pallavi and says that she doesn’t need to talk about that night and he has been regretting over his mistake. Ranbir also adds that he did a mistake and it was a mistake in his life that he got married to Rhea. He says that he was never being apologized by Prachi.

Ranbir says that there is nothing between Rhea and him. He says that he just want to live with Prachi and always wants her. Rhea goes from there and later, Rhea breaks everything in her room and screams. The Episode Ends.


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