The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with a twist and Ranbir says to Rhea that she is just a mistake when Rhea asks that who is she? She gets shocked and about to say something but Ranbir says that let him finish. As he is just a mistake in Prachi’s life, she is also a mistake in his life.

kumkum bhagya

He says that they have been trapped in a triangle. Rhea says that everyone is happy in this house because they know. Rhea says that she came here to show rejected to him. Rhea lies to Ranbir once again.

Ranbir leaves and Shayana comes there, Rhea gets shocked and asks that if she had listened to everything. Shayana says that she just came here to keep her eyes on her friend’s bad sister. Rhea and Shayana argue with each other. Shayna and Prachi argued with Rhea.

Rhea shows her mangal sutra and says that Ranbir wears her. Prachi says that Rhea is about to leave this house. Rhea and Prachi warn each other. Later, Rhea mixes drugs in a drink and asks the waiter to give this drink to the waiter.

Rhea and Aliya talk to each other and Aliya say that if she drinks the juice so no one can stop her even herself. Prachi gets emotional and sees a shooting star. Ranbir, and Prachi asks a wish. Ranbir hears Shayana who says to Prachi that he just loves herself. Suddenly, Prachi asks about her mother and Ranbir says that if she is sharing his feeling so, why she doesn’t want to hear this. Prachi and Ranbir talk to each other and reveal that they both are kept away from reality.

Shayana says that she has some work and leaves them alone. Ranbir says that her words hurt him and Prachi says the same. Prachi says that he gave her rights to Rhea and she told her that she is wearing mangalsutra of Ranbir’s name. Prachi says that he did sin and Ranbir says that she knows very well that Rhea threatened him and his family and warns that she will send them to jail.

Prachi is about to leave and Ranbir follows her but suddenly, Pallavi comes there and stops her. At the party, Aliya says that Pallavi went to take her to the party. Pallavi asks her not to go outside the party. On the other side, the Waiter offers juice to Prachi and Ranbir also asks her to drink this juice.

Suddenly, Ranbir says that they always went to drink juice in their college time. Suddenly, Prachi leaves the juice and they get confused. Shayna comes to Aliya, Rhea, and Pallavi and they get shocked. The Episode Ends.


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