We are back with another written update on the most trending and popular show on ZeeTV. Yes, we are talking about Kumkum Bhagya which has come with some of the best moments, and fans are too excited to watch it before its official telecast on ZeeTV. According to the sources, the latest episode of the show is all set to entertain the audience with one more trending episode. Before sharing about the next episode, we would like to talk about the upcoming episode that will bring lots of things for the watchers.

kumkum bhagya

As we have seen in the last episode that Prachi threw all her clothes and essential things of Rhea from her room and went to stay with Ranbir with him. Rhea and Aliya get agree over her reaction and said that if she will not leave the room so, something wrong will happen. Unfortunately, Rhea called Pallavi who entered Prachi’s room and asked her to leave otherwise she will do something different. Prachi said that she is living with her husband and there is nothing wrong. Rhea said that she is playing a game to take Ranbir back from her life as they got married.

Along with this, Rhea claimed to Prachi that she planned her kidnapping and even, tried to kill her sister. Prachi slapped Rhea but she didn’t stop and continuously blamed her. Rhea showed her that Ranbir cares for her and even, he saved her from shot. Simply, Rhea was trying to show the wrong image of Ranbir and wanted to reveal that Ranbir doesn’t care about her and he just came to save her. Now, the upcoming episode of the show is all set to entertain the audience and the upcoming episode begins with Prachi who is upset because of Ranbir’s silence. Ranbir fails to take a stand for Prachi. Later, Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir saves his family’s reputation and put everything of Prachi at stake.

Along with this, the promo videos show that Rhea enters her room and informs her that she has finally understood the entire case and now, she needs to leave the house and even, divorce Ranbir. Prachi gets confused and thinks that she is saying right. Unfortunately, Rhea created the wrong image in front of Prachi and Ranbir. So, let’s see what will happen next because Ranbir is still unaware about this. Keep in touch with us to know more about the upcoming episode.


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