We are back with the latest episode of the Kumkum Bhagya where we always come with the new and fresh episode for you. You can read out all the written updates that will be seen in the latest episode but before that let’s talk about the previous episode of the serial.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2021

In the last episode, we saw Aliya was provoking Rhea against Prachi and Pragya and she said to her that she will have to take revenge and Rhea also decided to take Ranbir back as her husband from Prachi. On the other side, Abhi and Pragya were sitting in a car and talking to each other. Pragya asked her to drive slow but Abhi drove fast and suddenly, the car stopped.

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Pragya said she asked to drive slow but he stopped the car. Abhi said that Dadi did not send him to take her back, he came himself and he said that the car did not stop because of me. Abhi went outside the car to check the problem and Pragya also came outside the car.

They talked to each other and suddenly, Pragya asked him that why did he had come here and Abhi said she doesn’t care for herself but someone does. Pragya asked him that who cares for her and Abhi called his name. Abhi stopped someone’s car and asked for the diesel.

Abhi took diesel and filled his car tank. Pragya looked at him with her pretty feelings. On the other side, Prachi met Rhea and they talked about Ranbir and Prachi said that he bet and asked her to say I Love You in front of everyone. Rhea got shocked after hearing this and Prachi asked her for help. On the other side, Tanu reached to Pragya and Abhi’s room and found that they both were not in their room.

Suddenly, Aliya came to her and asked about Pragya and Abhi. While Mitali came to them and told them that Abhi went outside to bring back Pragya. Aliya and Tanu denied accepting that he went to bring her and suddenly, Pragya entered in her room and asked the reason for their presence.

Pragya again insulted them and Tanu got angry and went from there. In Kohli’s house, Ranbir still forcing Prachi to reveal those three words in front of everyone and in a moment, Dida hears a voice of rain and she became childish and runs towards the terrace. Everyone followed her and Rhea realized that Prachi is also planning something to say those words. Later, we got to see that Prachi said I Love You to him in front of everyone and Rhea got jealous. Prachi and Ranbir were seen dancing with each other.

Now, the latest episode will show you something more where Tanu will be seen asking to Pragya that she buy her own thing. Pragya replies that she doesn’t want to use her trump card where a few amounts of money can work and along with this, the time has come when she can stake her claim on Abhi.

While, Rhea will feel more jealous and she will go to towards Prachi and Ranbir’s sites who is dancing in rain and shouts to stop them, leaving them stunned. The Episode Ends.


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