Kumkum Bhagya’s latest episode starts when a lawyer asks that can he prove his innocence? Now, the episode begins that the court did not hear Abhi and says that he doesn’t have any proof that can prove him innocent. Abhi points out at Gaurav and says that he can say by pointing out to anyone that he is the culprit.

kumkum bhagay 2nd november 2021

When the court is about to declare his last words, Pragya comes inside the court and says that her husband is innocent. She apologize by saying that she was collecting proof and therefore, she is late. Judge asks her to come into the witness box.

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Lawyer warn her by saying that if she is trying to waste the time of the court so, she could be jailed. She tells her name and says that she is Abhishek’s wife. She calls Santosh Jain inside the court. Santosh is a brother of a contractor.

He says that he went office that day and he was there. Santosh says that he did not give the order to drop the wall. Pragya shows every proof to the judge. He says that Gaurav doesn’t have any link with Subhash but even, he transferred Rs. 10 Lakh in his account.

Suddenly, the contractor runs from there and the police arrest him. Judges declared to arrest Gaurav Thappar and the contractor and Abhishek Mehra is innocent. Abhi gets happy and they hug each other. On the other side, Aliya comes inside the house and she is angry. She blames herself. Aliya says that Gaurav cheated us and he went outside the court without giving them proof.

Aliya throws everything here and there as she is angry because they were cheated by Gaurav. On the other side, the lawyer says that she played the role of an actress who comes and saves his life. Abhi goes from there for completing paperwork. Pragya gets happy. On the other side, Ranbir cook Kadda for Prachi.

He doesn’t know how to cook and suddenly, Pallavi comes there and he asks her to make Kadda. Pallavi says that even today, she feels same for Prachi. She can’t change her thinking for her.

Suddenly, Rhea comes there and she tries to provoke him again. He asks her to keep her mouth shut. Ranbir says that he will tell Prachi and Sid that she thinks like this. On the other side, Prachi tells that she is the luckiest girl in the world because she loves her husband a lot. While, Ranbir doesn’t want to hear anything and Rhea says that she can do anything for her real love.

Another side, Gaurav celebrates at his home and open champagne. He receives a call from his father who says that he is here to join a meeting. The Episode Ends.


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