Today, the most prominent daily soup Kumkum Bhagya has taken lots of rounds on the internet because of its outstanding story. Yes, there are numerous people waiting to know some key details of the upcoming episode that will be going to air tonight for the public.

kumkum bhagaya

If you are also one of them eagerly waiting to find some key details regarding tonight’s episode, you just need to stay on the same page. The upcoming episode of the show will be interesting for the audience just because of its superb story and fantastic moments that will be going to air tonight.

The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Sahana deciding to thwart Rhea’s plan. Ranbir questions Prachi why she doesn’t always complete her sentences. Prachi claims that she did not have her phone number, but she did have Sushma’s address. Along with it, he should have been to her house to meet her.

Not only this, but she also tells him that she will tell everything to him when the perfect time comes. She asks him to go and talk to Pallavi, declaring that Prachi is his wife. He asks if he feels bad that he is Riya’s husband. She ridicules him.

Pallavi and Alia talk about Prachi, who intends to ruin Ranbir and Rhea’s happiness. She tells Alia that she would have jailed Riya. Prachi announces that she will no longer care for Rhea and will rather send her to jail. Pallavi tells Prachi to do whatever she wants. Pallavi and Prachi argue.

Along with it, she also makes Pallavi realize her mistake. Prachi asks Alia to stay away from their family matters and then she apologizes to Pallavi and leaves from there. Then, Alia shares the plan of Rhea with Pallavi.

In the next scene, we can see that Rhea asks Ranbir about the game. Along with it, she also asks him what is going on between Prachi and him. Then, he replies that he is aware of her Gajra trick and he did not want to cheat in the game. Also, he will never support her if she cheated on anyone.

After that, she asks why he called Prachi his wife and then he confirms that Prachi is indeed his wife. Now, the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will e worth watching. The show contains some best moments that put the story to another level. So, don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode.


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