The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Ranbir who is talking with Prachi who is trying to make her understand. He says that he liked the way how Rhea ate food from his plate and he saw her reaction and maybe, he just want to see her like this. She reminds the words of Shayna and he is saying that his heart has won the game. He always feels special when she feels jealous and it feels like she is for him. Ranbir says that he is looking at her after a long time as she is loving him.

kumkum bhagya

Prachi denies and says that she is not loving him. Ranbir says the love will remain until his last breath. He says that should I stop his heartbeat for stop loving her and Prachi shakes her hand in No. Ranbir goes from there and gives a flying kiss to her. He says thanks for forgiving his life. Later, Rhea comes to Ranbir and says that is he going somewhere? She says that they can go somewhere in the evening as they can go for a movie and then for a candle night dinner.

Ranbir says that why is she reacting like this as there is no Prachi and Pallavi so, she doesn’t need to become a daughter-in-law of the house. Why is she showing them as a couple? Rhea says that when Prachi looks at them together, she feels jealous and since then, the NGO ladies come there, he has been changed. Ranbir says that either he is angry or drunk and maybe, she needs to understand that they can become a good couple neither now or later. Rhea says that if there is nothing something between us so, why Prachi always feels jealous after seeing us.

Rhea says that something is between them and maybe, Prachi feels jealous because of this. Ranbir says that nothing is between us and we were good friends but now, everything has been changed. She says that she hid the pregnancy of Shayna. She managed everything and Ranbir says that he is getting late and leaves the place. He thinks that Rhea is doing right and because of this, Prachi is feeling jealous. Prachi thinks about Ranbir and his words.

Suddenly, Shayna comes there and asks what happened and did she fight with Ranbir once again? Prachi says he didn’t do this and. Prachi says he is thinking that Shayna is hiding something. Prachi says that he doesn’t love her and just shows his love. Prachi says that she likes him since college time. Shayna asks her problem and says that he is not one woman man.

They talk about Rhea who tried to insult her in front of everyone. She says that he is taking care of Shayna who is not even pregnant. He can do everything for her after knowing that she is pregnant. Shayna tries to make Prachi understand that Ranbir is a good guy. The Episode Ends.


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