In the upcoming episode of the twisting serial, Kumkum Bhagya is coming with some more twists when the meeting will be held between Ranbir’s mother, Prachi, and Rhea, and then, Prachi and Rhea will get a chance to meet Pragya in the episode.  Mother of Ranbir gets to know that Sid has married Rhea and then, mother of Ranbir says that she will adopt Rhea but Prachi will deny to accept her but his mother says that I have adopted her so, you don’t need to enter in this house and you have left this house if Rhea will come into the home says Ranbir mother.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th July 2021

But suddenly, Rhea says that Prachi has been already adopted by Ranbir’s mother and because of this, she has forgotten every old thing and now, we should start a new life together and then, Ranbir’s mother gets ready to accept Prachi after hearing all of these things from Rhea.

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When Prachi goes outside her house, she sees Pragya in the car who is on the way to her home, and because of this, she says to Ranbir to look at her. When Pragya’s mom sitting inside the car and sees Abhi on the road. When he passed out from his car.

Suddenly, she asks his driver to stop the car and run towards Abhi who was walking on the road and drinking alcohol. When she was inside the car, she reminds many things about her daughter and Ranbir. Ranbir sees her and said “Namaste” but she says that there is no relation between us and don’t play formalities but Ranbir says that the reply of Namaste is always Namaste in our traditional and Pragya’s mom says that why are you like this and Ranbir asks her how I am, like a cool guy or a poor guy.

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Pragya’s mom says that we both know that how are you? What did you do in your past and what are you doing right now but Ranbir says please don’t talk about my past because it has been passed and added that we meet, talk and go, and also, fight sometimes. Suddenly.

Pragya’s mom interprets him and says no one fights like you and Ranbir says what did I do? She says don’t be smart and you know very well. Ranbir says yes, I know what I did and therefore, I am extremely sorry for that.

She says if do you think that you will apologize to me so, everything will be okay between us so, Ranbir says that should I give my life for this mistake and she says you couldn’t do this. Ranbir says what are you trying to say just clear that and she angrily replies that I want you to please keep away from my daughter.

Ranbir replies that it can’t happen because your daughter can’t even keep herself from me so, how can you. No one can separate us. She says what are you doing this, what are you getting by this but please understand one thing that Pragya is not happy with this kind of thing and why you can’t see her happy and successful in her life. Why are you giving her pain and why can’t you see her successful. Ranbir says no, I want to live with her also want that she walks with me my entire life.

While she says maybe, you want to walk with her because there is a benefit for you and the episode ends but you will get to see more things in the episode, and let’s wait for the reply of Pragya’s mom that what she will say to Ranbir.


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