KumKum Bhagya is a very popular show among the people, it is running with great TRP. Here we will share a full written update. According to the promo videos, The episode starts with Dida pushing Rhea, who falls on Pallavi. Dida and Pallavi lose, but Rhea manages to sit on the chair as the music stops. Jai says now Prachi, Rhea, and Aaliya are left.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2022 Full Written Update

Aaliya asks Rhea to stay till the last round and says she will push Prachi when she was about to sit and then you can win. Prachi is about to fall then Ranbir holds her hand, while Aliya falls down. Jai announces that Aliya is the winner.

Ranbir hugs Prachi and everyone claps. Ranbir says he couldn’t feel anything like before. She says even she could feel the same. He says he is doing this for everyone. Prachi says she is also doing for Shahana.

Rhea throws the plate to see their hug. Ranbir and Prachi goes away. Ranbir gets disturbed by his emotions and recalls his words. Ranbir says to himself that he has to control his feelings, he thinks why is unable to away from her, he says he has too strong before Prachi and shows that he doesn’t feel anything and says he can’t be weak in front of her.

Another side Prachi is also feeling very sad and alone. Shahana comes towards him and says what happened to Prachi, Prachi says she is showing that has no feelings but when she hugged Ranbir and got affected, she had forgotten everything, that happened between them.

She says she feels a peace when she hugged him. She tells but she doesn’t anything, Ranbeer, relation, or the peace. she goes. Ranbir also handles his emotions and comes back. Prachi falls and Ranbeer holds her again. He asks her to be careful and says next time, maybe he will not be around.

Rhea says to Prachi that she should shame on herself that Prachi hugs her husband. Prachi says that was the part of the game and says that was your shameless idea. Prachi says cheap thoughts and words and asks her to cry in front of Ranbeer.

Pallavi says to Aliya that, why they are giving importance to Prachi because she is Rnabeer’s first love, so that was the past not present, she is not so important. Ranbeer chlorides Prachi while dancing. He dreaming dancing with her. He holds her hand and dances with her. Rhea gets shocked. Stay tuned for more updates.



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