Kumkum Bhagya August 27, 2021, written update is here with extreme level twists. There are many things which going to take drastic turns and affect the lives of family members. The episode starts with Abhi when he returns home from the hospital. He is in very trouble condition and had dressing on his head. He has an injury but is almost fine and active. This condition happens because of his alcohol addiction.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2021 Episode

The doctor starts telling Prachi and Ranbir about Abhi’s critical condition due to the alcohol. He also tells that he warns him many times but he did not take his suggestion seriously. But Abhi still has not stopped drinking alcohol and continuously spending his day and night with sorrow and alcohol. Prachi warns Abhi that he may die in the upcoming days if he doesn’t stop drinking alcohol but he tells that he doesn’t want to live without his love Pragya.

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His lever is damaged and his life is in danger. But Abhi still doesn’t get it serious and the situation doesn’t affect him. Pragya can’t break Prachi’s heart. She is trying to control the situation and definitely, she will control the Abhi as well. After leaving by Pragya Abhi don’t have positivity in his life and even he fell down in bad habits also.

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She asks him to cut down Pragya’s strengths from the root and destroy her. She uses him as a revenge weapon against Pragya. She uses him as a revenge weapon against Pragya. Abhi has immense love for Pragya in his heart but develops anger on hearing Tanu’s words. Now you will Prachi will ask Pragya to come back in Abhi’s life because of the current serious condition she is the only one who can make him normal once again.

Abhi is in depression after Pragya Leave Abhi. The remaining situations you will know in the upcoming written updates and we recommend you to watch the full episode online on the regular channel. If you have any query then ask us via the comment section we will try to solve your query.


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