Hey folks! We are back with another written update of Kumkum Bhagya that begins with Ranbir who comes in the Prachi’s operation where she is admitted. He holds her hand and Prachi wakes up. He makes her wear mangalsutra and she gets teary. They see each other and cry. Ranbir’s doctor comes there and asks him to take a rest because his family is not taking rest because of him. Ranbir brings the doctor to his family and asks the doctor to stop him in the hospital.

kumkum bhagya

Doctor asks Ranbir’s family that they have to stop him in the hospital as they need to check him up for some time in the hospital and Ranbir waits for his family to leave him alone in the hospital. Vikram comes into Prachi’s room and behind him, Prachi also sees Pallavi who also comes into the room. Suddenly, Rhea and Aliya also come in the hospital and Vikram says that they are going to blame her once again and asks them to leave otherwise, they will make this hospital a house. Vikram asks them to go back to their house and will come back soon.

Suddenly, Prachi stops Rhea and she stops. She says something to her and another side, Ranbir goes to the receptionist and asks the receptionist to shift him in another room because he wants to live with his wife in the hospital and he wants to live happily with his wife. Ranbir asks the receptionist that shifts him and also appreciates her for changing her job otherwise, she couldn’t fall in love with anyone. He gives her a rose and brings one more for Prachi. Another side, Prachi says that they are both equal and when she was hurt, Rhea was also feeling the same.

Rhea says that it was just an accident and she doesn’t want to save her and just wants to see her die or nothing else. Rhea reveals that she was the only one who sent Nick to kill him. She was also coming to kill her but another car hit him. She did a mistake and saved her life. She says that she is remorseful and when she will get a chance, she will kill her and will always pray to God.

Rhea warns her that she will snatch Ranbir from her at any cost. Another side, Rhea asks Sahana where was she? Rhea asks her to stay with her because she met an accident. Sahana asks about Prachi and she goes from there. Rhea also leaves the place and Pallavi receives Dida’s call. Pallavi asks the doctor about Ranbir’s behavior and the doctor tell her that he wants that let him shift to the nearby’s room Prachi. The Episode Ends.


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