ZeeTV’s popular show, Kumkum Bhagya has been reached to the trend in the recent days and fans are too excited to watch the latest episode tonight. Well, we have seen upside down in the previous episodes and tonight, the latest episode is coming back with turning points o the serial. Since the show began, it never failed to impress the audience with its exciting twists and turns. As we have seen in the previous episodes that Nick’s companion shoots at Prachi but Ranbir became her shield and gets shot instead.

Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2022 Written Update

Now, the episode begins with Prachi who get to know about Ranbir who wakes up. She asks the nurse not to share with anyone about this. Her doctor comes in front of her and suddenly, Vikram comes there. Vikram comes to the Ranbir’s house and says that Vikram is the best dad in the world and Prachi comes inside the Ranbir’s room. Prachi goes in a hurry in Ranbir’s room to see her and says that she has to talk with him. But when she enters the room, she doesn’t find anyone. Prachi asks about Ranbir and she tells her that he has gone.

Prachi thinks that Ranbir left with her family and wife. Another side, Ranbir asks for a wheelchair and Rhea takes it for him. Another side, Prachi gets upset after thinking about him. Later, Aliya asks Is Ranbir sleeping but Rhea tells her that neither he is sleeping nor awake. Rhea aska about Preeti and Aliya tells that she has sent everyone her somewhere else. Suddenly, Prachi comes into the house and asks about Ranbir but no one tells her.

Prachi asks about Ranbir but Aliya and Rhea ignores her. Aliya asks she doesn’t need to talk about Nick. Rhea says that when Ranbir will wake up, he will try to find out the truth once again and maybe, he can. Rhea says that Prachi and Ranbir should not meet each other. Rhea says that this is the right plan because Vikram and Dida is not present in the house. Another side, Vikram goes to the doctor with Dida to get treatment. On the other side, Prachi goes into the Ranbir’s room and finds no one there.

Prachi comes to Aliya and asks about Ranbir. She says that he has been discharged from the hospital but she couldn’t find him in the house so, where is he? Pallavi says that he didn’t ask about her. Pallavi says that he is not worried about her. Prachi asks about Ranbir and says where is he and Pallavi tells that he is sleeping in his room now.

Pallavi asks Prachi if she wants the happiness of the family but couldn’t give her. Pallavi says that she wants the recovery of her child until he gets fine, she can’t meet him. Pallavi says that can she give her time to his son? Prachi says that she can give a promise to her. Prachi says that she can do this and she never stood with a lie. Prachi thinks about her expected child and Sahana gives a befitting reply to Aliya. The Episode Ends.


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