We are back with another episode of Kumkum Bhagya, and the last episode of the show was amazing where many things came out between Abhi and Pragya. Later, Pragya asked him where did he get the alcohol? Abhi did not tell anything to her and remembered that how Aliya came to his door and said to him that he was worried about alcohol and she gave him to drink.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2021

Along with this, Tanu shouted at Tai Ji and Mitali. Well, Tanu asked Aliya to give this alcohol to Abhi. Aliya hesitated but later, she took to alcohol and gave it to him.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 25th September 2021 Full Written Update, Major Twist Tejo Cries

Later, Tanu came to Pragya and Pragya asked her that did she give him alcohol but Tanu said No to her. Tanu and Pragya talked to each other and Tanu taunts her. Later, Pragya told to Tanu that some things are not allowed in this house like alcohol.

Later, Abhi slept on the sofa and Pragya came to him and said that he meant Sofa as a bed and will realize too soon. Abhi said to her that she hates him. But suddenly, Pragya said to him that she doesn’t hate him. Abhi said that so, what you do, Love? Pragya said that exists between Love and Hate. Abhi and Pragya talked to each other and teased.

The next morning, Rhea woke up and said that it is better that he wouldn’t see his face. Suddenly, she got a letter from Sid who said that he was going to Bangalore and from Bangalore to Mumbai. Rhea got happy after hearing this. Rhea planned to spend some time with Ranbir. Everyone came to the dining table and Vikram also joined them. Later, Ranbir said that Dida cooked very delicious food.

Suddenly, Rhea came to them and said that because of me, Sid left me. Rhea showed a chit to everyone that read,” I am going to Bangalore”. Rhea said that because of few days, he came into an argument, and because of this, he went to Bangalore. Suddenly, Pallavi asked Ranbir to called him and Rhea thought that it was not in the plan. Ranbir talked to him and said that Mom wants to talk to her and Pallavi said to her that Rhea wants to talk to her.

Without knowing anything, Pallavi talked to him and scolded him at a phone call. Suddenly, Pallavi asked him to talk and Rhea hold up his call. Later, Rhea went to her home and Prachi came to her and tried to make her understand. Prachi said that Ranbir is different and he can’t do this.

Now, the latest episode will show that Pallavi will ask Ranbir to go with Rhea and everyone gets shocked. Dida get to know that Rhea is trying to do this for her and she wants to separate Prachi and Ranbir. While, Pallavi also thinks that because of this, Ranbir will get free from Prachi but she doesn’t know the reality and the wrong intention of Rhea who is going to snatch Ranbir from Prachi. So, let’s wait for the latest episode of the serial.


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