We are back with another amazing and turning episode of the loving ongoing serial of the ZeeTV platform. The serial has been engaging lots of fans across the nation and currently, the hype of the serial has already gone above. Everyone loves to watch this show since the new story and life of Ranbir and Prachi began but unfortunately, someone doesn’t want to see them together, and therefore, she played the evil game against Prachi and Ranbir’s relation. Rhea who is a so-called sister of Prachi is only her enemy who made every evil plan against her sister and threw her outside the house.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2021

Well, the ongoing serial is showing that Prachi and Ranbir is living their separate life but can’t forget each other because once a time, they were a lovely couple and they both loves each other a lot but because of their misunderstandings, they broke up. Along with this, Ranbir’s cousin Sidharth is also facing the same situation because he was also blamed by the family that he and Prachi has an affair.

Now, everything has changed in the serial and finally, Sidharth has been moved on from the situation but Prachi is not. In the previous episode, we have seen that how Prachi met Sidharth in the conference room and went from there.

Along with this, she later decided to meet Sidharth in a restaurant and Sidharth try to console her to forget everything. Suddenly, Rhea’s friend called Rhea and told her about Sidharth and the girl with whom he is sitting. Rhea asked her to call her and showed their live video to Kohli’s members. Everyone gets shocked and Rhea intended that she is heartbroken and tries to commit suicide. She showed everything in another way and Prachi and Sid are unaware about this.

Sidharth told her that he had forgotten everything and started a new life again. She said that his family broke him but he grew up again. Now, the upcoming episode will show that how Sidharth will open up about his family and reveal in front of Prachi that the whole Kohli family played a game with us, they never loved us.

They just wanted to move on from us and therefore, they played this game with us and gave the wrong name to our relation. Prachi gets shocked after hearing this. On the other side, Rhea intends that she want to commit suicide and Ranbir tries to save her from this. He goes inside her room from the window and saves her.

Ranbir decided to marry her and said to her that Rhea, Will you marry me? Rhea gets happy because she wanted to this and on the other side, Prachi gets to know that she is pregnant and about to become a mother of Ranbir’s son. The Episode Ends.


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