The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with some interesting moments in the show. After the last episode aired on December 24, 2021, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible. Now, the upcoming episode starts with Rhea who is eagerly waiting to start the party because she will play her new plan against Prachi at the party.

Kumkum Bhagya, 25th December 2021

Rhea and Aliya is waiting to watch that when Prachi will involve in the party. Along with this, Pallavi had announced that the party is organized because of the wedding anniversary and as well as the wedding reception of her son.

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Prachi gets shocked after knowing this and later, she comes to the party. Everyone gets shocked after seeing her and Dida gets happy as Prachi has become a part of the family. Rhea and Aliya gets excited after learning that Prachi has become a part of the party and now, their plan will be successful.

Pallavi has already introduced Rhea as Ranbir’s wife and Prachi sees everything there. Party continues and later, Prachi tells Pallavi in front of all the guests that ones who keep quiet, are always guilty and hints at her recent actions.

Later, Pallavi introduces a new game in the party where the eyes of all the husbands will be closed with a black cloth and they will have to find their wife in the party. Everyone plays this game and even, Ranbir also plays this game because of Pallavi. She asks him to wear black cloth on his eyes and when Ranbir searches for his wife, he touched several hands in the party but couldn’t find her.

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He also touches Rhea’s hand but even then, he denied accepting that she is his wife. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and says that she is his wife and moves up his cloth. Prachi and Ranbir get romantic and also, they dance at the party in front of everyone.

All the family members get shocked and Rhea feels jealous of this. Prachi does drama in the party and gives befitting replies to Rhea, Aliya, and Pallavi. Dida keeps her eyes on Aliya and Rhea and she get to know that something is wrong about to take place in the house.

When Rhea announces that there is another game with Prachi where she will take her sign on the documents emotionally and gives responsibilities of her parents. Prachi gets emotional and sign over the document and next morning, Rhea shows her documents and asks her to leave. The Episode Ends. So, what do you think that happens next? It will be interesting to watch the next episode today.


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