We are back with another interesting episode of Kumkum Bhagya where the watchers will get to watch another turn. The latest episode begins with Rhea who says to Prachi that she came here to tell her that Ranbir wants to meet her first. Prachi gets happy and says that she has to meet Ranbir. She leaves her room and Rhea calls Aliya. She cries on the call and Aliya asks her that did she fight with Prachi? Rhea says that before the fight, Prachi won. She says that something wrong is about to happen. Rhea says that she heard something.

Kumkum Bhagya 24th May 2022 Written Update

Rhea tells her that she went to Prachi’s room and she heard that she knew everything and her love is increasing day by day. If Ranbir will say that he wants to live with him in another home and they were talking to each other that they will run from this house. If Prachi will ask Ranbir to do this so, he will never deny it. Rhea says that she is nothing and Prachi will confess everything to her. He will accept Prachi and they both will become life partners. She can’t do anything and he will throw her out of her life.

Rhea says that Aliya is with her and that stupid Sahana is with Prachi and even then, she won and it means that there is nothing mean of her to with. Suddenly, Rhea says sorry to her and Aliya says that she can do anything right now and she needs to think about something. Rhea laughs at her and says how can she be positive at this time. Aliya says that she will never lose her victory. Aliya provokes Rhea that she has to plan something against Prachi. Rhea thinks that there is all fault of her.

Rhea thinks that she has to do something that has never been done before. Rhea says that today, the relationship will finish with Prachi. Rhea takes a glass of the broken bottle and walks toward Prachi to kill her. Prachi is waiting for a taxi and Rhea stands behind her. She is about to kill her but suddenly, Sahana comes with a Taxi and they go from there. Rhea starts her car and follows them. Another side, Ranbir is waiting for her and gets happy. He recalls his past with Prachi and he wants to live this life once again.

He says that he wants to live with her once again. He loves her a lot but she can’t see his love. He thinks about Prachi and another side, Prachi feels happy and tells her the reason of her smile. Rhea follows them and says that nothing will happen to her. She says that she doesn’t have any idea what is going to happen to her. Prachi asks Sahana to buy Mangoes for Ranbir and she walks alone on the road. Rhea drives her car and another car hit her on the road. She falls down and Ranbir feels something wrong. The Episode Ends.


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