The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Rhea and Aliya who is destroying the medicine packet. Suddenly, Preeti comes and they scold her. She goes from there and on another side, Shayna drinks the juice after mixing the same medicine in the juice. She acts like funny with Prachi and she confuses that what is happening to her? Prachi asks her to sit calm and make her statue. She asks her to sit calmly and Shayna can’t control herself. On the other side, Rhea is getting scared and tells Aliya that something weird is going to happen.

kumkum bhagya

She adds that this time is something different and maybe, everything will be spoiled. She is feeling weird after destroying all the proofs, she is still scared. Rhea talks about Aliya’s relationship with her husband. They talk about Prachi and Ranbir. Rhea is trying to make Aliya understand that they both are a strong couple and can’t separate. Rhea says that how many efforts they make, they can’t separate them. Suddenly, Pallavi comes to them and says why is she scared. Aliya tells her that a wife needs respect and Ranbir and Rhea had a honeymoon but lived in a separate room. They need to stay close in the room.

Dida hears them by hiding herself and Pallavi says that Rhea needs to stay in the Ranbir’s room. Dida goes to Prachi to tell and Rhea can’t control her happiness. Rhea hugs Pallavi and says that she is the best mother in the world. Later, Ranbir and Prachi meet in the kitchen and Ranbir asks for a minute to her.

He tells that Dida sent a Suraksha Kawach for her. He gives her and Prachi say that if he will tie it on her hand, Rhea will get angry? He comes and ties it on her hand. He leaves and Prachi asks him that does he want something from the kitchen?

He says that if he is feeling hungry, she will think that he is lying. Ranbir says that he will take his image back. He goes from there and Ranbir sees her from  taking the back of the wall. Dida comes to Prachi’s room and Shayna says who is she? Shayna sleeps on her lap and talks to her. Dida thinks that she got to know something about Rhea.

Another side, Pallavi is packing the bags of Rhea in her room and Aliya and Rhea is talking about Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship. Rhea is hiding proof against her. Rhea says that he will feel bad when he gets to know that he is sharing his almirah. Ranbir comes in the room and Pallavi tells him that Rhea shifted in his room. He tells that what is happening and what’s her clothes doing here. Aliya says that is he asking a silly question.

Rhea says that they are going to share everything together. Ranbir goes from there and says that he is coming in just a minute. Pallavi blesses Rhea for their new life. On the other side, Ranbir comes to Prachi and says that Rhea is shifting in his room. He asks her to do something and what can she do? He suggests her to say that she is shifting in his room instead of Rhea. He is asking for help from her. The Episode Ends


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