The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with some interesting moments. Today’s episode begins with Shayna and Ranbir. Shayna says to Ranbir that he is the only one who knows about this child. He says that if she doesn’t want to tell this, she can’t.

Kumkum Bhagya

Ranbir says that he can break the leg of her baby’s father. She calms down and says that she can share everything to him. Shayna says that she wants to tell about this to the baby’s father and she is confused about whether she should tell or not.

Ranbir says that he can handle every situation and if she thinks that the baby child is not good so, she can make her own decision. Ranbir says that a baby needs a father and a mother. Shayna cries and Ranbir consoles her. He asks her to think about this once again and goes from there.

Another side, Prachi is thinking about something and sees Shayna behind her. She asks what happened to her. Why she is crying. Prachi says that someone said her something. Shayna takes Ranbir’s name and Prachi gets angry.

Prachi gets angry and moves to scold him but Shayna stops her and says that let him go. Shayna says that he is not like she is thinking about him. Shayna suggests her share the reality with him. Shayna makes her understand and she says that he can become a good father for her baby’s child.

Prachi gets angry and says that he called her characterless. He doesn’t know the meaning of love. Shayna says that Ranbir should know about his child. Prachi says that he will tell her today and now. She brings Shayna to towards her room.

The next morning, Rhea wishes Happy Lohri to everyone. She wishes to Aliya and Pallavi but not Dida. Pallavi says that she is looking happy. Rhea says yes because it’s her first Lohri in the house. Rhea says that whatever Ranbir did, just because of family’s respect. She also adds that when he saw Ranbir outside the Prachi’s room, he closed the door in front of her. She is sharing this to tell Dida.

Suddenly, Prachi comes and Pallavi says that nothing happened and now, she is coming. Aliya says that she loves Rhea and because of her, she did lots of shopping. Aliya asks about the rituals of a newly married couple.

Prachi hears everything and Prachi wishes Happy Lohri to Vikram and everyone gets shocked after seeing that Vikram is blessing her while Prachi touches his feet. Prachi calls Dad to Vikram.

Prachi wishes Happy Lohri to everyone and also touches Pallavi’s feet. Vikram asks Pallavi to wish her back and she wishes everyone. Rhea asks Ranbir to wish Happy Lohri and says that he had a fight last night and Rhea gets happy. She asks that to whom he fought. Ranbir replies with someone his. Rhea gets shocked.

Ranbir says that he needs to give importance to her family and apologize to everyone. Rhea gets happy and Ranbir says that he will keep away from those people who don’t care about him. Ranbir and Rhea tries to tease Prachi. Ranbir had promised that he will go away from Prachi. The Episode Ends.


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