The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with a heated argument with Rhea and Prachi says to Rhea that she did not even move out from the bathroom so, how will she move her from his life. Prachi goes out of the bathroom and she thinks that Ranbir will not think about vomiting and Rhea will argue with him so, he is unable to think about this.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2021

She remembers the moment with Ranbir and gets emotional. Prachi says that this is the only way to hide her pregnancy of her. Pallavi asks Ranbir that what was he doing in Prachi’s bathroom and Ranbir says that the room belongs to him.

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Pallavi says that the room belongs to her because she is leaving in this room. Pallavi, Rhea, and Ranbir come into an argument and Pallavi say that Prachi knows that he is her husband. Later, Ranbir says to Prachi that he is squeezing between Rhea and Prachi.

She says that this is happening because of him. Ranbir says that to take revenge, she can’t make a joke of his feelings. Prachi says that does he mean feelings and pain? Ranbir says that he can see the pain in her eyes.

Prachi gets emotional once again in front of Ranbir because of his words. Prachi says that by hearing his words, everyone will get to know that he is a good man but she saw him. Rhea shouts at Neeti because they did not manage the food at the party. Prachi comes there and taunts Rhea.

She reveals that she knows everything because of her Janmashtmi function. But even, she was quiet but now, she will not do anything for her and she will let her down in front of everyone in the house today.

Prachi says that tonight, she will let her respect down in front of her everyone. Suddenly, Rhea is about to fall down but Prachi holds her and she says that she is going to get ready for the party.

Prachi says she will come and Ranbir will see her and on the other side, Rhea will serve food to guests. Prachi thinks that she needs to tell about the situation to Pallavi and because of this, she goes into Pallavi’s room.

She gives her hints that Rhea is not good at managing everything and Pallavi goes to check everything if there is any problem. Rhea asks Neeti for the number and she tells that Pallavi manages everything. Rhea says that they can’t do this and Pallavi hears, Pallavi asks about this and Neeti tells that they did not contact to catering person. Neeti suggests Rhea to thank Prachi because she tells Rhea.

Rhea took this another way and she calls Aliya to ask about the lawyer. Later, Aliya and Rhea meet a lawyer who suggests that they need to take Prachi’s signature on this document so, they will separate without any divorce drama. They prepare the paper to move out Prachi from the Ranbir’s life. The Episode Ends.


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